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New frontiers for Europe with Quantum Technologies

Last updated on: 2016-06-08
Technologies able to exploit quantum phenomena like superposition and entanglement will form a key sector of technological development in the 21st century. EU research efforts in this highly exciting field promise to guarantee Europe's position at the forefront of the quantum science revolution.
New frontiers for Europe with Quantum Technologies
The increasing ability to manipulate quantum effects in customised systems and materials is leading to devices with fundamentally superior performance and capabilities for communication, metrology, sensing, simulation and computing. Data security and safety will also be dramatically impacted by quantum technologies. Therefore, mastering quantum technologies is of strategic importance for Europe's enterprises, governments and citizens.

Europe has a well acknowledged world-class scientific and technical expertise in Quantum Technologies thanks to almost 20 years of research, and the investment of around EUR 550 million in EU funding (with more than EUR 300 million of support via the Future and Emerging Technologies -FET- scheme). There is also a growing interest from European companies in concrete applications for quantum technologies, as expressed in the 'Quantum Manifesto', published in spring 2016, with the support of academic and industrial stakeholders. However, more has to be done to successfully transform the research advances made possible through EU support into tangible market solutions.

Endorsing a strategy for quantum, the European Commission launches an ambitious, long-term and large-scale flagship initiative to unlock the full potential of quantum technologies and accelerate their development and take-up into commercial products in Europe. This is part of the European Cloud Initiative, which objective is to fully unlock the value of big data by providing world-class supercomputing capability, high-speed connectivity and leading-edge data and software services for science, the industry and the public sector. The initiative is part of the digitisation of the industry package that ambitions to maintain Europe's leading position in data-driven innovation, improve its competitiveness and cohesion and help create a Digital Single Market in Europe.

This CORDIS Results Pack highlights some of the most innovative EU-funded projects in the field of Quantum Technologies. Some of these projects notably cover the development of cutting-edge optics and matter-wave technology, new devices to improve the accuracy of underground and seismic activity measurements, and a new class of Bose Einstein Condensates (BECs)-based quantum interferometers. These projects lead the way in the Quantum Technologies revolution.

Entangled state experiments shine light on quantum potential
EU-funded researchers have shown how entangled states of photons – developed using a specific property of light – could be used to share information more securely.
EU scientists take the next leap in modern physics
The EU-funded SQUTEC project has developed technology so sensitive that it can measure individual molecules.
Commercial possibilities for quantum plug-in devices
New laser-written integrated optic technology has led to the development of cost-effective plug-in devices that could drive the next generation of secure quantum communications and...
Novel quantum-based precision measurement tools
A FET-funded project has studied, implemented and characterised a new class of interferometers, making a substantial contribution to the development of advanced quantum-based...
Quantum leap forward in measuring mechanical motion
EU-funded researchers have developed a nano-scale device capable of measuring mechanical movement at incredible levels of precision. This can impact high tech businesses ranging...
Innovative nanoparticles, optics and matter-wave technology chart new frontiers for quantum science
The EU-funded NANOQUESTFIT project has made big leaps in the promising field of quantum optics.
Ultra-sensitive cold atom quantum sensors to advance geophysics and computing
An EU-funded project has contributed to revolutionising underground mapping, assessment of seismic activity and computing with cold atom technology.
Measuring magnetic fields down to the nanometre
EU-funded scientists develop novel magnetometer that can measure down to the atomic scale, paving the way for significant advances in many scientific fields.
Quantum-based neuroimaging holds the promise for advanced brain mapping
EU-funded scientists are working on novel quantum technology that could help improve our knowledge of the human brain and contribute to better detection and treatment of serious...
Dazzling future of possibilities for Bright Squeezed Vacuum light
Bright squeezed vacuum (BSV) light offers huge potential in fields such as microscopic imaging, communication and measurement.
Quantum Manifesto