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BIOMED 2 (1994-1998)







Biomedicine and Health (BIOMED 2) 1994-1998

BIOMED 2 Funded Projects

Select a heading to view information on Biomedicine and Health projects implemented under the Fourth RTD Framework Programme:

Area 1 Pharmaceuticals research

1.1 Pharmacotoxicology
1.2 Pharmacovigilance
1.3 Clinical trials

Area 2 Research on biomedical technology and engineering

2.1 Minimally invasive intervention techniques
2.2 Imaging systems and other devices for diagnosis and therapy
2.3 Sensor systems
2.4 Rehabilitation, replacement or restoration of human function
2.5 Cellular engineering

Area 3 Brain research

3.1 Pathophysiology and basics mechanisms
3.2 Nervous system damage and repair
3.3 Cell structures and animal models
3.4 Genetic and immunological basis of neuromental diseases
3.5 Clinical research
3.6 Brain imaging
3.7 Pain regulation and relief
3.8 Effect of illicit drugs
3.9 Epidemiological research
3.10 Cognitive research

Area 4.1 Cancer research

4.1.1 Mechanism of tumorigenesis and metastasis
4.1.2 Dysfunction of cellular growth
4.1.3 Cell-selective targeting
4.1.4 In vitro and transgenic animal models
4.1.5 Predisposition, early diagnosis and treatment
4.1.6 Systemic modalities
4.1.7 Analysis of efficacy of treatment
4.1.8 Data collection
4.1.9 Quality of life

Area 4.2 Research on AIDS, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases

4.2.1 Viro and immunological research
4.2.2 Pathogenesis of HIV and emerging and re-emerging infections
4.2.3 Human vaccine development
4.2.4 Development of therapeutic agents
4.2.5 Clinical research
4.2.6 Disease prevention
4.2.7 Behavioural and socio-economic research

Area 4.3 Research on cardiovascular diseases

4.3.1 Pathophysiology and basic mechanisms
4.3.2 Therapeutic strategies
4.3.3 Genetic bases of cardiovascular diseases
4.3.4 Clinical research
4.3.5 Imaging and invasive as well as non-invasive techniques
4.3.6 Identification of risk factors
4.3.7 Relationship between vascular diseases

Area 4.4 Research on chronic diseases ageing and age-related diseases

4.4.1 Chronic inflammatory diseases
4.4.2 Insulin and non-insulin diabetes
4.4.3 Respiratory problems and asthma
4.4.4 Ageing and handicaps
4.4.5 Age-related problems

Area 4.5 Research on occupational and environmental health

4.5.1 Dose / effect relationships of agents
4.5.2 Interaction of genetic and occupational factors
4.5.3 Epidemiology of high risks
4.5.4 Stress and work
4.5.5 Health and work capacities
4.5.6 Ergonomics
4.5.7 Occupational accidents
4.5.8 Risk factors of occupational and environmental diseases
4.5.9 Risk perception, activities and behaviour
4.5.10 Allergies of public and occupational health importance

Area 4.6 Rare Diseases

4.6.1 Basic and clinical research in rare diseases
4.6.2 Educational tools

Area 5 Human genome research

5.1 Gene mapping and analysis
5.2 Analysis of gene function and interaction
5.3 Role of genes and gene products in disease aetiology and pathogenesis
5.4 Somatic gene therapy
5.5 Information management and analysis

Area 6 Public health research, including health services research

6.1 Health education and prevention, primary care
6.2 Health determinants and prevention strategies
6.3 Assessing health policy initiatives
6.4 Economics and organisation of health systems
6.5 Quality of health care
6.6 Assessing new health technologies
6.7 Health scenarios
6.8 Impact of internal market

Area 7 Research on biomedical ethics

7.1 Medically assisted procreation
7.2 Human genome research
7.3 Brain research and neurosciences
7.4 End of life issues
7.5 Use of human organs and tissues
7.6 Patient's consent and autonomy
7.7 Research methodologies
7.8 Medical decision-making processes

Area 8 Horizontal activities

8.1 Ethical, legal and social aspects
8.2 Demonstration

For information on BIOMED 1 projects, go to the CORDIS RTD-Projects database and select BIOMED 1 on the Programme acronym list, and proceed with the search.

For information on Biomedical research launched under the Fifth RTD Framework Programme (1998-2002) visit the Quality of Life website.

Click here to access exploitable BIOMED 2 research results, or browse the CORDIS RTD-Results database for EU RTD research outputs in general.

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