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The major design objectives for the CERIF 2000 data model were to develop:

  • a full CRIS data model with flexibility to allow the majority of existing CRIS to accommodate their own databases structures;
  • a base framework for data exchange.

These objectives have been met by:

  • defining a full CRIS data model which will cover the database structures of the majority of existing CRIS
  • defining a set of data models that could provide examples for data exchange (since there are an infinity of possible exchange data models between CRIS). These examples of data models also illustrate that it is not necessary to implement the full CRIS data model if the requirement is for only a particular subset;
  • defining a metadata data model to provide a uniform summary-level view over heterogeneous information sources.

Subject indexing is essential in the case of access to multiple data sets from multiple sources and in multiple languages. This is the case for the CERIF 2000 environment. Specific thesauri and classifications have been recommended for research subject ( Ortelius ), economic activity ( NACE ) and products ( CPA ). Other indexing guidelines have been given for controlled value lists for specific attributes.

CERIF Data Model

Examples of CERIF 2000 Full Data Model implementations in a selection of Data Base Management Systems

You may download three examples of implementations of the full CERIF 2000 Data Model from here (in Oracle Version 7 and MS SQL Server as SQL scripts and as an Access database file). These examples are available as an illustration of the CERIF Data Model guidelines. Note that these models are being delivered "AS IS" and the European Commission makes no warranty or guarantee as to its use or performance. Users may use them at their own risk.

For assistance with the CERIF 2000 Data Model, you can address to the following CERIF experts:

Asserson Anne


Bergen University Library
Research Documentation Unit
Parkveien 9
N-5020 Bergen,

Tel. +47 5558 4580
Fax.+47 5558 4620
(email removed)

Jeffery Keith G.

United Kingdom

Prof Keith Jeffery
Computing & Information Systems
Dept.Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory
Chilton, Didcot

Tel. +44 1235 446103
Fax. +44 1235 445831
(email removed)

Niedermayer Walter


Vienna University of Technology
Gußhausstraße, 28/E015
A - 1040 Wien

Tel. +43 1 58801 41522
Fax. +43 1 58801 41599
(email removed)

Zimmerman Eric


The Research Authority
Bar-Ilan University

Israel-52900 Ramat Gan

Tel.+972 3 53 18 097
Fax.+972 3 63 53 277
(email removed)


Subject Indexing


For information about Ortelius, click here .

ORTELIUS contents - version September 1998

Alphabetical list of terms (in English only)
Hierarchical list of terms (in English only)
Top level list of terms (in English only)

Contact person for Ortelius:

Imberciadori Fiora


ORTELIUS (Firenze)
Via dell'Agnolo 87

IT - 50122 Firenze

Tel.+39 055 238 04 18
Fax.+39 055 23 41 516
(email removed)



NACE 4 list of areas , until 4 digits codes
CPA 4 list of products , until 4 digits codes



Frequently Asked Question

You can have a look at frequently asked questions here:

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Version HTML : FAQ.htm (9 KB)


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