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Social sciences and humanities in Europe: New challenges, new opportunities
A conference organized by the European Commission
Brussels, 12-13 December 2005

Conference Programme

With more than 400 participants, this major European conference addressed the broader strategic context of the development of social sciences and humanities in Europe, and explored policy options at European and international levels

Day 1: Monday 12 December

Session 1: Social sciences and humanities in Europe: aspirations and the state of af fairs

Chair: Dius Lennon, European Commission, Research DG: CV


  • Helga Nowotny WzW, Vienna, Austria: CV - " Reinventing the social and natural order: major challenges for the social sciences and humanities " Abstract
  • Christopher Whelan, ESRI, Dublin, Ireland: CV - " European Social Science: Challenges and Potential " Abstract - Paper - Presentation
  • Björn Wittrock S.C.A.S.S., Sweden: CV - " The Social and Human Sciences: European Legacies in a Global Context " Abstract
  • Gabriele Griffin, University of Hull, U.K: CV - " Balancing agendas - Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe " Abstract - Paper - Presentation

Special Address: European Commissioner for Science and Research Janez Potočnik: CV - Speech

Session 2: The influence of the Framework Programme on Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe

Chair: Ragnhild Sohlberg, Norsk Hydro ASA, Oslo, Norway: CV


  • Michel Kuhn, University Bremen, Germany: CV , and Svend Otto Remoe, Prokontra AS: CV - " The Framework Programme and the European Social Sciences: Influence and Implications " Abstract - Presentation
  • Manfred Horvat, Vienna University of Technology, Austria: CV - " The Integration of Socio-economic Dimensions in FP 6: a review " Abstract - Presentation
  • Maria-Teresa Patrício, ISCTE, Portugal: CV - " The Influence of the Framework Programme on the Social Sciences and Humanities in Portugal " Abstract - Presentation


  • Andrea Bonaccorsi, University of Pisa, Italy: CV
  • John H. Smith, EUA, Belgium: CV - Paper

Session 3: Priority areas for research co-operation in Social Sciences and Humanities

  1. Growth, competitiveness, employment and sustainability in a knowledge-based society
  2. Chair: Ramon Marimon, EUI & Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain: CV - Presentation


  • Maria Joao Rodrigues, ISCTE, Portugal: CV - " The Lisbon Agenda as a Research Agenda " Abstract - Presentation
  • Stan Metcalfe, University of Manchester, U.K: CV - " Entreprise and Transformation : challenges for the Service Economy " Abstract - Presentation
  • Jan Svejnar, University of Michigan, U.S: CV - " Improving Social Science Research and Competitiveness in Post-transition Economies " Abstract - Presentation

  • Societal trends and European citizens
  • Chair: Poul Holm, University of Southern Denmark: CV


    • Duncan Gallie, Nuffield College, Oxford, U.K: CV - " Employment, the Family and Social Integration: Key Challenges for the Future " Abstract - Presentation
    • Richard Sinnott, University College Dublin, Ireland: CV - " Societal Trends and Active Civic Participation: Europe-as-Laboratory " Abstract
    • Neville Alexander (excused), PRAESA, South Africa: CV - " Nation Building in the Multilingual Post-Apartheid Republic of South Africa " Abstract - Paper
    • Rainer Fsadni, University of Malta, Malta: CV - " Modes of Communication and Identities " Abstract

  • Europe in the world: understanding changing interactions and interdependencies between world regions
  • Chair: Reimund Seidelmann, Giessen University, Germany: CV


    • Raimo Väyrynen, Academy of Finland: " The European Union: A Regional or Global Actor? " available soon.
    • Arjun Appadurai (excused), New School University, New York, U.S: CV - " Grassroots Research and the Capacity to Aspire: lessons from Europe, lessons for Europe " Abstract
    • Mario Telo, ULB, Brussels, Belgium: CV - " The Political Role of the EU at a Global Scale: What Alternatives? " Abstract - Presentation
    • Anne Deighton, University of Oxford, U.K: CV - " The EU in the Global System: why we need to understand our past " Abstract - Presentation - Paper


    • Emilio Fontela, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid: CV - Paper

    Session 4: Supporting the basic creativity of social sciences and humanities

    Chair: Gordon Marshall, University of Reading, U.K: CV


    • Yehuda Elkana, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary: CV - " The Breakdown of the Distinction between Natural and Social Sciences and the Humanities " Abstract - Paper
    • Bjorn Henrichsen, NSD, Norway: CV - " Social Science Infrastructures for the European Research Area " Abstract - Presentation
    • Alain Peyraube, CNRS, Paris, France: CV - " New Horizons in Research on Humanities " Abstract - Paper - Presentation
    • Roger Jowell, City University, London, U.K: CV - " Why Europe Needs Regular Attitude Monitoring " Abstract - Presentation


    • Manfred Niessen, DFG, Germany: CV
    • Joao Caraça, Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal: CV

    Day 2: Tuesday 13 December

    Session 5: Building bridges: the frontier of SSH and international cooperation

    Chair: Andras Siegler, European Commission, Research DG: CV


    • David Lightfoot, NSF, Georgetown University, U.S: CV
    • Stan Shapson, SS&H Research Council, Canada (excused): CV
    • Yang Yang, Vice-Director General of the International Cooperation Bureau of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: CV
    • Olive Shisana, South African Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa: CV - Presentation
    • Hiroshi Fukai, JSPS, Japan: CV - Presentation
    • Glauco Arbix, IPEA, Brazil: CV - Paper - Presentation

    Session 6: Towards a strategy for the Social Sciences and Humanities in FP7 and beyond

    Chair: Dius Lennon

    Panelists: Ragnhild Sohlberg, Maria Joao Rodrigues, Poul Holm, Reimund Seidelmann, Gordon Marshall

    Dius Lennon: Concluding remarks

    List of Participants

    Conference Report

    Forthcoming: expected in March 2006

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