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Policy Review Series

  • 'Family and Welfare Research', Policy Review Series nr 1, Brussels, 2006, EUR n° 22088, ISBN 92-79-02494-9, 49 pages

  • From Good Governance to Democratic Governance? A Policy Review of the first wave of European governance research, Policy, Review Series no 2, Brussels, 2007, EUR n° 22094, ISBN 92-79-02498-1, 41 pages

  • Social, Economic and Governance Aspects of Sustainable Development, Policy Review Series n° 3, Brussels, 2007, EUR n° 22093, ISBN 92-79-02495-7, 52 pages

  • Education, Policy Review Series n° 4, Brussels, 2007, EUR n° 22090, 56 pages

  • Employment and Unemployment, Policy Review Series n°5, 2007, EUR 23162, ISBN 978-92-79-07558-2, 44 pages

  • Changing European Gender Relations: Gender Equality Policy Concerning Employment and the Labour Market, Policy Review Series n°6, 2007, EUR 23163, ISBN 978-92-79-07571-1, 60 pages

  • Research, Innovation and Technology Policy, Policy Review Series n°7, 2007, EUR 23164, ISBN 978-92-79-07572-8, 58 pages

  • Quality of Work, Policy Review Series n°8, 2007, EUR 23165, ISBN 978-92-79-07574-2, 58 pages

  • Enlargement, Policy Review Series n°9, 2007, EUR 23166, ISBN 978-92-79-07577-3, 52 pages

  • Information Society, Policy Review Series n°10, 2007, EUR 23167, ISBN 978-92-79-07580-3, 50 pages

  • Innovation Policy: Framework Conditions and Firm Dynamics, Policy Review Series n° 11, 2007, EUR 23168, ISBN 978-92-79-07581-0, 64 pages

  • Science, Governance and Society, Policy Review Series n° 12, 2008, EUR 23169, ISBN 978-92-79-08498-0, 58 pages

  • European Union Citizenship, Policy Review Series n° 13, 2008, EUR 23170, ISBN 978-92-79-08499-7, 48 pages

  • Moving Europe EU research on migration and policy needs , Brussels, 2009, EUR 23859, ISBN 978-92-79-09698-3, DOI 10.2777/58809, ISSN 1018-9593, 48 p.

  • European Research on Youth - Supporting young people to participate fully in society - The contribution of European Research - Brussels, 2009, EUR 23863, ISBN 978-92-79-11450-2, ISSN 1018-5593, DOI 10.2777/4263, 76 p.

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Policy briefs

Project synopses

  • European Research on Education and Training - Brussels, 2009, EUR 23865, ISBN 978-92-79-11484-7, ISSN 1018-5593, DOI 10.2777/4165, 56 pages
  • New Databases, Indicators and Tools - Brussels, 2008, EUR 23605, ISBN 978-92-79-10156-4, ISSN 1018-5593, DOI 10.2777/24786, 108 pages
  • European Union-supported educational research 1995-2003: Briefing papers for policy makers, Brussels, September 2003, 204 pages, ISBN 92-894-5770-8

  • European Union-supported research in Social Sciences and Humanities , 1998-2005, Briefing papers from 120 projects funded by TSER Programme and Key Action "Improving the Socio-economic Knowledge Base", Brussels, 2006, EUR n° 21538, ISBN 92-79-01299-1, 280 pages

  • "Social Sciences and Humanities in FP6, Priority 7 and 8 - all calls 2002-2006 - Projects's Synopses", Brussels, 2007, EUR 22848, ISBN 978-92-79-05738-0, 468 pages,

  • EU Supported Research on Migration and Integration, 1995/2008, Projects' synopses, Brussels, 2008, 59 pages, (Updated version April 2008)

  • Key Action Project Synopses, 1st, 2nd and 3rd call for proposals, Brussels, 2003, 456 pages, ISBN 92-5213-7. Catalogue of 185 projects funded under the FP5 Key Action "Improving the Socio-economic Knowledge Base", 1999/2002

  • 'Key Action Project Synopses, 1st and 2nd call for proposals (1999 and 2000), 281 pages, Brussels, 2001

  • 'Key Action Project Synopses, 3rd call for proposals (2002), 225 pages, Brussels, 2003

  • TSER Project Synopses, all calls for proposals (1995/1998), 357 pages, Brussels, 2000

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Conference proceedings

  • Ressources des Travailleurs et Droits Sociaux, Actes de la Conférence Internationale, du mercredi 11 mai 2005 - RESORE Employees?Resources and Social Rights, Proceedings of the International Conference, Wednesday, May 11th, 2005, Brussels, 2006, EUR n° 22364, 130 pages
  • The Dialogue Workshops: An Experiment in Citizens Knowledge, edited by A. Liberatore, Brussels, 2004, 109 pages, ISBN n° 92-894-7587-0
  • Cross-National Qualitative Methods - Proceedings of a Workshop - Brussels, 30-31 January 2003, ISNB 92-894-5763-5
  • 'Social exclusion, activation and welfare' - Proceedings of a dialogue workshop organised by DG Research (RTD) with DG Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) - Brussels, October 11th, 2002, 34 pages, ISBN 92-894-5272-2
  • 'Scenarios for research policies in the candidate countries in view of the European Research Area - Proceedings of a workshop - Budapest, September 2002, 63 pages, ISBN 92-894-5213-7
  • 'Social and psychological factors in conflict and its resolution: The Mid-Eastern and European Experience, - Proceedings of a dialogue workshop co-organised by University of Tel Aviv and Al Quds University , Brussels, June 2002, 143 pages, ISBN 92-894-5271-4
  • 'Unity and diversity. The contribution of the social sciences and the humanities to the ERA - Conference Proceedings of the Belgium Conference Presidency , Bruges, October 2001, 240 pages, ISBN 92-894-4342-1

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  • Evaluation of the Impact of Framework Programme Evaluation of the Impact of Framework Programme supported Social Sciences and Humanities Research - A bibliometric approach , EUR 24311, 2010, ISBN 978-92-79-15370-9, doi 10.2777/18202, 58 pages

    The report presents the results of an evaluation study of the impact of Framework Programme supported Social Sciences and Humanities research by means of bibliometric analysis. It covers research carried out under the Socio-economic Key Action of the 5th Framework Programme, and aims to provide a benchmark for the evaluation of the scientific impact of subsequent programmes. On the basis of a structured sample, the study developed a quantitative estimate of the outputs of the programme and then applied bibliometric evaluation methods to the outputs that were amenable to this type of analysis. The study found that the programme was quite successful in producing high quality scientific knowledge in the fields that it addressed and that it was particularly beneficial for female scholars and young scholars.

  • Evaluation of Migration and Ethnicity related Projects in the 4th and 5th Framework Programme, MIGPRO, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21700, ISBN 92-79-01940-6, 126 pages

  • The Spiritual and Cultural Dimension of Europe, Reflection Group, Concluding Remarks (including annexes) , Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21360, ISBN 92-894-9062-4, 94 pages

  • Mid-Term Synthesis Report on the Integration of Socio-Economic and Foresight Dimensions in FP6 , working version, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21911, ISBN 92-79-001 EPS, 165 pages

  • Assessing the Social and Environmental Impacts of European Research. EUR 21702

  • Insights from Policy Research for the Formulation and Evaluation of Policy - A Review of Projects Funded under the TSER Programme and the Implications for European Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and the Five-Year Assessment of the Framework Programmes, Ken Guy, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21048

  • Migration and social integration of migrants - Report on the Assessment of research reports carried out under the European Commission Targeted Socio-Economic Research (TSER) Programme
    Stephen Castles, Alisdair Rogers, Ellie Vasta and Steven Vertovec, Centre for Migration and Policy Research, University of Oxford, 82 pages, Brussels, 2003, ISBN 92-894-5273-0

  • Implementation of the European Research Area in the Social and Human Sciences; John Smith, 73 pages, Brussels 2003, ISBN 92-894-5269-2

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  • The REDCo project Research on religion-Religion on the move
    Movie produced by REDCO (Religion in Education. A contribution to dialogue or a factor of conflict in transforming societies of European countries) an SSH project funded under the 6th Research Framework Programme. This project focussing on the age group of 14-16 years studies whether religion is a factor of conflict or a contribution to dialogue. To reach teachers but also the wider public REDCO has produced the movie "Research on religion religion on the move" . This movie communicates three aspects of REDCO: First, the research process: the difficulty of finding the right research questions. Second, the movie shows the empirical part of its research: bringing questionnaires into the classroom, videotaping lessons and interviewing teachers. Third, "Religion on the move" presents the main project findings: the optimism of young people to live together despite differences in world views and their solutions. The movie can be downloaded (98MB) for free from the REDCO project website

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State of the art

  • Generational approach to the social patterns of relation to work, SPReW project, FP6 state of the art report, 2007, EUR n° 22702, ISBN 978-42-79-047874-6, Brussels, 2007, 160 pages

  • The Moving Frontier: The Changing Geography of Production in Labour Intensive Industries, MOVE project state of the art report, Brussels, 2006, Web version EUR n°22026, 319 pages

  • Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violations - CAHRV project state of the art report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21915, 65 pages

  • Needs for female immigrants and their integration in ageing society - FEMAGE, state of the art report, 2006, EUR n°22087, ISBN 92-79-02220-2

  • Building Europe with New Citizens? An Inquiry into the Civic Participation of Naturalised Citizens and Foreign Residents in 25 Countries ? POLITIS, State of the Art report, Brussels 2006, EUR n° 21724, ISBN 92-79-01714-4, iii, 86 pages

  • Regions, Minorities and European Policies ? An Overview of the State of the Art in Western, Central Eastern and Southeast Europe ? EUROREG project state of the art report, December 2005, EUR n° 21916, 187 pages

  • "Gender-Sensitive and Women-Friendly Public Policies: A Comparative Analysis and Assessment of Their Progress and Impact", EQUAPOL Project state of the art report, Brussels, EUR n° 21324, 189 pages

  • "Family Life and Professional Work: Conflict And Synergy", FAMWORK Project state of the art report, EUR n° 21268, 44 pages

  • "Economic Change, Unequal Life-Chances and Quality of Life", CHANGEQUAL Project state of the art report, Brussels, EUR n° 21325, 401 pages

  • "Gender, Parenthood And The Changing European Workplace: Young Adults Negotiating The Work-Family Boundary", Transitions Project state of the art report, Brussels, EUR n° 21326, 228 pages

  • "Current Evidence concerning Employment Contracts and Employee/Organizational Well-being among Workers in Europe", PSYCONES Project , State of the Art Report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21266, 114 pages

  • "Families and Transitions in Europe - State of the Art, Andy Biggart, René Bendit, David Cairns, Kerstin Hein, Sven Mörch, Brussels, 88 pages, 2004, ISBN 92-894-5788-0

  • "Welfare Reform and the management of societal change, Peter Taylor-Gooby, Anne Daguerre, Brussels, 36 pages, 2004, ISBN 92-894-5768-6

  • "The Rationale of Motherhood Choices: Influence of Employment Conditions and of Public Policies", Brussels 2003; ISBN 92-894-5757-0

  • "Representations of Europe and the Nation in current and prospective Member-States: Media, elites and Civil Society", Brussels, June 2003; ISBN 92-894-5811-9

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  • Expert Group on the Humanities Positioning Humanities Research in the 7th Framework Programme, final report, 113 pages
    Report Executive Summary:
    • German version
    • French version
    • Italian version
    • Spanish version

Reports published in 2009

Reports published in 2008

Reports published in 2007

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Reports published in 2006

  • ETGACE - Lifelong Learning, Governance and Active Citizenship in Europe , project final report, Brussels, 2006, EUR n° 21533, ISBN 92-79-01541-9, 137 pages

  • MIP - Women, Integration and Prison. An Analysis of the Processes of Socio-Labour Integration, project final report, Brussels 2006, EUR 21939, ISBN 92-79-02511-2, 109 pages

  • SIREN - Socio-economic Change, Individual Reactions and the appeal of the Extreme Right, project final report, Brussels, 2006, EUR n° 22069 ISBN 92-79-02008-0, 182 pages

  • SETI - Sustainable Growth and Employment Creation in the Technological Integration of the EU Economy, final report, Brussels, 2006, EUR 21602, ISBN 92-79-01930-9, ii, 127 pages

  • TSFEPS - Transformations des structures familiales et évolution des politiques sociales: les services de la petite enfance comme services de cohésion sociale, project final report, Brussels 2006, EUR n° 22029, ISBN 92-894-9511-1, 157 pages

  • WOMENG - Creating Cultures of Success for Women Engineers, project final report, Brussels 2006, EUR n° 22028, ISBN 92-79-02412-4, v,125 pages

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Reports published in 2005

  • BORDER DISCOURSE - Border Discourse: Changing Identities, Changing Nations, Changing Stories in European Border Communities, project final report, working version, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21528, ISBN 92-79-00161-2, p. 99

  • CHANGEQUAL - Economic Change, Unequal Life-Chances and quality of Life, project final report, working version, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21708, ISBN 92-8941-9535-8, 138 pages

  • Comparative Social Inclusion Policies & Citizenship in Europe: Towards a New European Social Model; project final report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21045, ISBN 92-894-7580-3, 160 pages

  • EQUAPOL - Gender-sensitive and women friendly public policies: a comparative analysis of their progress and impact, project final report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21938, 112, pages

  • EURONAT - Representations of Europe and the nation in current and prospective member-states: media, elites and civil society, project final report, Brussels 2005, EUR n° 22009, ISBN 92-79-01543-5, 192 pages

  • Globalization and Social Exclusion; project final report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21046, ISBN 92-894-7583-8, 94 Pages

  • GRINE - Gender Relationships in Europe at the Turn of the Millenium: Women as subjects in migration and marriage; project final report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n°21249, ISBN 92-894-7056-9

  • IAPASIS - Does Implementation Matter? Informal Administration Practices and shifting Immigrant Strategies in four Member States , project final report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21703, ISBN 92-79-00452-2, 157 pages

  • Innovation and Employment in European Firms, Microeconometric Evidence, IEEF project final report , Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21698, ISBN 92-894-9831-5, 77 pages

  • National Corporate Culture and International Competitivess Strategies - The Challenge of Globalisation for European SME's; project final report, working version, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21323, ISBN 92-894-8454-3, 127 pages

  • NIEPS - Network for the Integrated European Population Studies , project final report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21529, ISBN 92-79-00426-3, 140 pages

  • SOCCARE - New Kinds of Families, New Kinds of Social Care:Shaping Multidimensional European Policies for Informal and Formal Care; project final report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21322, ISBN 92-894-8453-5, 116 pages

  • Sectoral Systems in Europe: Innovation,Competitiveness and Growth; project final report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21039, ISBN 92-894-7571-4, 106 pages

  • UPE - Changing Population of Europe , project final report, Brussels, 2005, EUR n°21699, ISBN 92-894-9832-3,146 pages

  • WRAMSOC - Welfare Reform and the Management of Societal Change , project final report, working version, Brussels, 2005, EUR n° 21706, ISBN 92-894-9914-1

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Reports published in 2004

  • CEMP - The Creation of European Management Practice , final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 20968, ISBN 92-894-7567-6, 137 pages

  • CGEP - Corporate Governance, Innovation and Economic Performance in the EU , final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21037, ISBN 92-894-7581-188 pages

  • CONVERGE - Strategies and Polices for Systemic Interaction and Convergence in Europe , project final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21042, ISBN 92-894-7577-3, 159 pages

  • DYNACOM - Competences, Capabilities and Corporate Performances, TSER Final report from , Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21033, ISBN 92-894-7570-6, 91 pages

  • ENVINNO - Towards an Integration of Environmental and Environment-oriented Technology Policy: Stimulus and Response in Environment-Related Innovation Networks, , final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21034, ISBN 92-894-7572-2, 99 pages

  • ESOPE - Precarious Employment in Europe: A Comparative Study of Labour Market related Risks in Flexible Economies, project final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21250, ISBN 92-894-7057-7, 145 pages

  • Gender and Qualifications: Transcending Gendered Features , Project final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21103, ISBN 92-894-7558-7, 127 pages

  • IMPRESS - The Impact of Clean Production on Employment in Europe - An Analysis Using Surveys and Case Studies , final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21035, ISBN 92-897-7573-0, 97 pages

  • Improving Policy Responses And Outcomes To Socio-Economic challenges, Final report from Key Action project HPSE-CT-1999-00031, Brussels, 2004, ISBN n° 92-894-7562-5

  • INTEPOL - Towards An Interactive Technology Policy - Implications From the Social Shaping of Mobility and Transport Policies for a New Technology Policy Paradigm, final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 20965, ISBN 92-894-7564-1, 229 pages

  • PITA - Policy Influences on Technology for Agriculture: Chemicals, Biotechnology and Seeds, final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 20966, ISBN 92-894-7565-X, 86 pages

  • Sowing - Information Society, Work, and the Generation of New Forms of Social Exclusion, , final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 20967, ISBN 92-894-7566-8, 153 pages

  • The Social Problem of Men , Final report, vol. I and II, from Key Action project HPSE-CT-1999-00008, Brussels, 2004

  • TIPIK - Technology and Infrastructures Policy in the Knowledge-based Economy - The impact of the tendency towards codification of knowledge , final report, Brussels, 2004, EUR n° 21032, ISBN 92-894-7568-4, 114 pages

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