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Who should attend?
Draft agenda
TEARI Final Conference
Research, innovation and economic performance -What do we know and where are we heading?
Brussels 8 October 2004

Club de la Fondation Universitaire, Rue d Egmond 11 B -1000 Brussels
(Salle Félicien Cattier; entrance rue du Champ de Mars 30)


A Conference organized by the European Commission , the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture of the University of Oslo , and Oxford University Press to mark the launch of the Oxford Handbook of Innovation.

The Oxford Handbook of Innovation is an outcome of project >TEARI : (Towards a European Area for Research and Innovation), which has been supported by the Commission to synthesize and valorise research projects carried out in the auspices of its socio-economic research initiatives.

The conference aims to bring together eminent researchers from Europe and the US together with policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss emerging agendas of research in innovation and economic performance and relevant policy practice.

Who should attend?

The conference will be a unique opportunity for with cutting-edge researchers and European policy-makers to interact with each-other and with other stakeholders. The conference offers insights and access to the shaping of the agendas of researchers, users of research, and research-funders at the European level. Individuals and organisations who wish to have a global view of the "innovation and the economy" agenda in research and policy will be those who would benefit most from attending.

Participation is free of charge, but due to limited space, prior registration is necessary. To register, please contact Marie Jonkers at the Commission by e-mail: (email removed)

Draft agenda

10.00 Welcome
Welcome by T. Lennon, EC, DG RTD, Social Sciences and Humanities
10.05 - 10.20 Research and Innovation for Europes Knowledge Based Society:
Isi Saragossi, Director ff. RTD M "Investment in Research and linked with other policies"
10.20- 10.50 Keynote address:Understanding innovation and socio-economic change: Dead ends and new departures:
Richard Nelson, Columbia University
10.50-11.10 The making of innovations - what are the critical factors (hurdles)?
Alice Lam: Brunel University
11.10-11.20 New Challenges for socio-economic research on innovation: a view from Enterprise policy
Reinhard Büscher, EC DG ENTR, Innovation Policy
11.20-11.40 Discussion
11.40-12.00 The systemic nature of innovation - causes and implications:
Charles Edquist; Lund University
12.00-12.10 Comment
by Ken Guy, Wise Guys Ltd
12.10-12.30 Discussion
12.30-14.00 LUNCH
Afternoon Session
14.00-14.20 Why innovation differ, and the same policy wont work everywhere
Franco Malerba, Bocconi University
14.20-14.30 Comment
by Lena Tsipouri, University of Athens
14.30-14.50 Discussion
14.50-15.00 Coffee break
15.00-15.20 Innovation and performance - how close a link?
Bart Verspagen, Eindhoven, University of Technology
15.20-15.30 Comment
by Reinhilde Veughelers, DG ECFIN & KULeuven
15.30-15.50 Discussion
15.50-16.50 What do we know about innovation?
Lessons for policy and the future research agenda.
Panel with Jan Fagerberg (University of Oslo), David Mowery (University of Berkeley), Keith Smith (EC - IPTS) and Maria João Rodrigues (ISCTE)
16.50-17.20 Discussion
17.20-17.30 Closing address
by Jan Fagerberg, co-editor, Oxford Handbook of Innovation and leader of the TEARI project

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