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COST 30 Electronic Traffic Aids on Major Roads
COST 30 bis Electronic Traffic Aids on Major Roads: Demonstration Project and Further Research
COST 33 Forward Study of Passenger Transport Requirements between Major European Conurbations
COST 301 Shore Based Marine Navigation Systems
COST 302 Technical and Economic Conditions for the Use of Electric Road Vehicles
COST 303 Technical and Economic Evaluation of National Dual-mode Trolleybus Programmes
COST 304 Use of Alternative Fuels in Road Vehicles
COST 305 Data System for the Study of Demand for Interregional Passenger Transport
COST 306 Automatic Transmission of Data Relating to Transport
COST 307 Rational Use of Energy in Interregional Transport
COST 308 Maintenance of Ships
COST 309 Road Weather Conditions
COST 310 Freight Transport Logistics
COST 311 Simulation of Maritime Traffic
COST 312 Evaluation of the Effects of the Channel Tunnel on Traffic Flows
COST 313 Socio-economic Cost of Road Accidents
COST 314 Express Delivery Services
COST 315 Large Containers
COST 317 Socio-economic Effects of the Channel Tunnel
COST 318 Interactions between High-speed Rail and Air Passenger Transport
COST 319 Estimation of Pollutant Emissions from Transport
COST 320 The Impact of E.D.I. on Transport
COST 321 Urban Goods Transport
COST 322 Low Floor Buses
COST 323 Weigh-in-Motion of Road Vehicles
COST 324 Long Term Performance of Road Pavements
COST 325 New Pavement Monitoring Equipment and Methods
COST 326 Electronic Charts for Navigation
COST 327 Motorcycle Safety Helmets
COST 328 Integrated Strategic Transport Infrastructure Networks in Europe
COST 329 Models for Traffic and Safety Development and Interventions
COST 330 Teleinformatics Links between Ports and their Partners
COST 331 Requirements for Horizontal Road Marking
COST 332 Transport and Land-Use Policies
COST 333 Development of New Bituminous Pavement Design Method
COST 334 Effects of Wide Single Tyres and Dual Tyres
COST 335 Passengers' Accessibility of Heavy Rail Systems
COST 336 Use of Falling Weight Deflectometers in Pavement Evaluation
COST 337 Unbound Granular Materials for Road Pavements
COST 339 Small Containers
COST 342 Parking Policy Measures and their Effects on Mobility and the Economy
COST 343 Reduction of Road Closures by Improved Maintenance Procedures
COST 344 Improvements to Snow and Ice Control on European Roads and Bridges
COST 345 Procedures Required for Assessing Highway Structures
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