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COST - TIST Calendar of Events 2002

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January 12th COST 269 Dissemination Meeting
February 4-5th COST 278 MC* Meeting ETH premises, Zurich, Switzerland
7-8th COST 279 2nd MC Meeting KPN premises, The Netherlands
March 1-2nd COST 272 2nd MC Meeting Madrid, Spain
7-9th COST 271 2nd MC Meeting Graz, Austria
29th COST 262 3rd PLC Group Meeting Athens, Greece
April 10-14th COST 274 Meeting of WG*2 / WG3 / MC L'Aquila, Italy
11-12th COST 277 2nd MC Meeting Graz, Austria
..?.. COST 276 3rd MC Meeting & Workshop Madrid, Spain
22-23 COST 266 Workshop on All-optical routing Warsaw, Germany
22-25th COST 263 MC Meeting Berlin, Germany
25-26th COST 275 MC Meeting Paris, France
25-27th COST 269 MC Meeting Leidschendam, Netherlands
23rd COST 266 MC Meeting Warsaw, Germany
21-26th COST 271 WG Leaders Meeting during General Assembly of EGS Nice, France
May 22-23rd COST 264 7th MC Meeting Pisa, Italy
28-29th COST 262 Seminar on "Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications" Antalya, Turkey
30-31st COST 279 3rd MC Meeting VTT premises, Finland
30-31st COST 262 10th MC Meeting Antalya, Turkey
30-31st COST 273 MC Meeting Espoo, Finland
June 10-14th COST 274 Meeting of WG1 / WG4 and MC Munich, Germany
20-21st COST 272 3rd MC Meeting Thessaloniki, Greece
20-22nd Joint MC Chairs / TC TIST Meeting Thessaloniki, Greece
1-3rd COST 280 MC Meeting and Workshop Malvern, UK
4-5th 149th CSO Meeting Brussels
20th COST 282 MC Meeting Lyon, France
August 7-24th COST 271 Working Group Leaders meeting during the General Assembly of URSI Maastricht, The Netherlands
25, 26 & 27th COST 278 3rd MC Meeting Technical University Eindhoven Holland
September TBD COST 264 Final MC Meeting TBD
4th 150th CSO Meeting Copenhagen, Denmark
5th Ministerial Conference Copenhagen, Denmark
5-6th COST 262 11 MC Meeting Prague, Czech Republic
19-20th COST 273 MC Meeting Lisbon, Portugal
October ..?.. COST 276 4TH MC Meeting Ljubljana, Slovenia
1-5th COST 271 3rd MC Meeting Faro, Portugal
11-12th COST 276 3rd MC Meeting Budapest, Hungary
16-18th COST 263 , International Workshops on Quality of Future Internet Services & Interent Charging and QoS Techniques Zurich, Switzerland
21-22nd COST 266 MC Meeting Rome, Italy
25-29th COST 270 , 6th MC &WG Meetings, The 2nd Workshop on Optical Fiber Components, System and Network reliability and Testing as a part of the SPIE Photonics Fabrication Europe Symposium Brussels & Brugge, Belgium
November TBD COST 264 Workshop NGC'2002 - Networked Group Communication 2002 Umass, USA
7-8th COST 275 Workshop "The Advent of Biometrics on the Internet" FUB, Rome, Italy
7-8th COST 275 3rd MC Meeting FUB, Rome Italy
12-13th COST 281 MC Meeting in conjunction with Seminar on "Subtle Temperature Effects of RF-EMF" Royal Society, London, UK
15th COST 274 MC Meeting Prague, Czech Republic
11-14th COST 284 2nd MCM and workshop in conjunction with JINA 2002 Nice, France
14-17th COST 274 Meeting of WG1 and WG3 Prague, Czech Republic
4-6th COST 280 MC Meeting Prague, Czech Republic
21st COST 266 MC Meeting Rome, Italy
28-29th COST 283 iAstro Workshop and MC Meeting Theme : (a) UML and XML for Image and Signal Databases and (b) Multispectral Image Analysis. Joint meeting with IDHA (French Astronomy Grid) project Strasbourg, France
December TBD 151st CSO Meeting Brussels
*TC - Technical Commitee
MC - Management Commitee
CSO - Commitee of Senior Officals
TF - Task Force
WG - Working Group

Preview of 2003 events

Image February

  • COST 266 - MC Meeting in conjunction with ONDM'2003 Conference and IST OPTIMIST Project, Budapest, Hungary

Image April

  • Wiamis 2003 - 4th European Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services Co-Sponsored by COST 211q
  • iAstro workshop and COST 283MC Meeting, Theme "Distributed Processing Transfer, Fusion and Display of Images And Signals: High Resolution and Low Resolution in the Data Information Grids"

Image May

Image Spring

  • COST 275 4th MC Meeting - Halmstad University, Sweden

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