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(Version 7, May 2002)


This second issue of the COST-TIST Vade-Mecum, contains all important documents, Rules and Regulations, for understanding how to join and COST and a specific Action, and advice on how to run an Action. It is complemented by a Vade-mecum for COST Actions secretaries that is the compilation of all the documents attached to a COST-TIST Action Grant.

Some documents are related to all COST Actions, while others are specific to COST-TIST Actions only. In the first instance, the title of the documents starts with CSO. In the second case, the title contains the words COST-TIST.

General information about COST can be found at:

General information on COST-TIST is on the Web at the following address: /cost/src/tisthome.htm Contents

Section I: Legal Aspects

List of legal documents on COST
Guidelines for Intellectual Property Rights

Section II: The starting of a COST Action

Guide for proposers of new COST Actions (Doc.401/01 09/11/2001)
Procedures for Signing a COST Action MoU

Section III: Running an Action

Rules and Procedures for Implementing Cost Actions (Document: 400/01 23/07/2001)
Guidelines for the evaluation and monitoring of COST Actions (Doc. 266/00)
Standard Rules and Procedures for the Management Committees of COST-TIST Actions
Prolongation of COST Actions for periods longer than one year. Guidelines for Management Committee (Includes two Annexes)
Report on Application for a non-COST Country Entity to join a COST Action

Section IV: Documents Related to Yearly Grants

Grant Agreement
Annex I to Grant Agreement (Contains the yearly workplan, and the yearly estimated budget)
Guidelines for Management Committees
Model Documents and Forms

Section V: Technical Committee TIST (TC TIST)

COST Technical Committee (Objectives)
Terms of reference as approved by CSO (146th meeting on 13 and 14 December 2001)
TC TIST Rules of Procedures (as of June 98) (Includes Annexes I, Ia, II, and III)

Acronyms and Definitions
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