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Jürgen Kapeller

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen KAPELLER

(for TII)
T.U.B. Kapeller-Kallausch GmbH
Schillerstr. 29/3/13
A-8010 Graz, Austria
Tel.: +43+316 36 14 00
Fax: +43+316 36 14 00/2
Email : (email removed)

Curriculum Vitae

1984-1987 Assistant at the Psychiatric-Neurological University Clinic in Graz, Austria.
Since 1985 Lecturer for the science in Technical Environmental Protection: "Introduction in Environmental Informatics"
1988 - 1991 Technological consultant for the Styrian Technology Centre "Technova" in Graz.
Since 1992 Independent technological consultant and projectmanager in the fields EDP, Medical Electronic and Document-Management and technology transfer (participation in the SPRINT-Programme)
Since 1994 Consultant and management of projects for information-systems in new media - main focus on the Internet.
  • Setup of Austrian's first Online Business Exhibition for technology businesses in the Internet: "TechPlace" ( )
  • Introduction of the new business field "project-management for high-tech-media and multimedia"
  • Setup of Austrian's first "Virtual Reality Live-Performance" in the city of Graz
  • "Graz-Online" concept, setup and co-ordination of the Internet-City-Information-system for the city of Graz.
Since 1996
  • "Graz-Interaktiv" feasibility-study and pilot-project for the POI-City-information-system of the city Graz.
  • Implementation and maintenance of TII`s Internet site (Directory of Members and the Technology Request Network)
  • Various projects and studies in the fields information and communication technology and multimedia
  • Internetservice for the first ECOBUSINESS meeting Austria (Graz, May '98)
  • Specialization on "Marketing in New Media"

TRN - Technology Response Network.
Technology Transfer supported by the Internet.

Demonstration (Parallel Session C)

Technology Transfer in the past and now:
Basic considerations about the changes in TT induced by modern telecommunication. TT has always been a business of information - some even called it "To Know People Who Know People". So the basic procedure of TT is the (standarized) exchange of information on a highly specialized level. Looking back for about 10 years, TT was a very complex and time consuming activity, totally based on the personal skill and character of very few experts with a lot of personal contacts. If someone had a problem to solve with the means of TT, it was always very difficult to find the right contact person, to get any appropriate technology description, to start a technology search etc. - to make it short: it was difficult to launch the process since nearly everything was in the brains of expert spread all over Europe. The result was that a lot of information exchange networks with members from everywhere in Europe were founded to exchange hudge files of individual (only internally standarized) paperwork and the believe "that the others will run for you".

As EDP became more popular, the first databases were introduced in order to focus and to handle the enormously growing amount of technology offers and requests. This was the time, when TII invented the TRN which was one of the first platforms of an internationally standardized exchange of technology profiles - and it still is. EDP helped for two reasons: It became easier to process and to exchange data as there has always been also a close connection to telecommunication - in its early days mainly represented by the fax machine, but also rapidly growing by PCs with modems.

Several years ago, the Internet began to boom and this changed the situation dramatically. Information is no longer a "property" of few experts, as everyone can find it in the Internet everywhere around the world. The first consequence for any TT-agent is that the network of personal contacts suddenly expands to a world-wide virtual network with maschine contacts. And the second consequence is that he has access to millions of technology oriented documents never leaving his desktop. The Internet enables to distribute information at a very low price, by simply implementing the information into an appropriate information-base in the WEB. Vice versa the search is quite simple: Entering a search string in any search engine like AltaVista brings you best results within a few minutes, so this seems to make TT-agents obsolete.

Does it really? Normally any "first look"-search results in more than 1000 documents, web-pages etc. found during the search-run. Focusing the criteria more and more is a very difficult job as there is always the danger to drop out the wrong entries and requires a lot of practice, knowledge of the media and feeling how to operate most efficiently. To know the right platforms in the net is the key now since they can give you the quickest access to the data you need. So the message is: Internet has changed the process of TT, has enriched the "toolbox" of modern TT-agents and is able to help to concentrate efforts on real skills - personal contacts and the knowledge to get from "contact to contract". The Internet supports TT "mechanically" and makes it more divers, but it is only the first step on the long way to a successful TT-project.

TRN Technology Response Network ( )
TII`s TRN is an online-brokerage service which offers members a common service for circulating technology offers and requests from their client companies to a network of technology suppliers and brokers.

  • TII`s way to the Internet
  • Structure of TII`s website: Introduction, Events & News, Online-Application, Directory of Members (DOM), Technology Respons Network (TRN), EU-Tenders, and Links
  • Technical details of TII`s Web Site
TT-Process based on the Internet
Demonstration of various examples for TT in the Web.