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Image 28.02.2005 The Council has approved the eContentplus programme. The 4-year programme (2005-08), proposed by the European Commission, will have a budget of 149 million € to tackle the fragmentation of the European digital content market and improve the accessibility and usability of geographical information, cultural content and educational material. Image Image


The Commission published a Corrigendum on 14 February 2004 to the Continuous Submission Scheme of the eContent Third Call for proposals. 

Links to Corrigendum in Official Journal (OJ 2004/C 40/06, 14.02.2004) :

  • Part 1: Demonstration projects and accompanying measures - fixed deadline:  21 March 2003 at 17h00 (CLOSED!!!)
  • Part 2: Feasibility projects - continuous submission scheme open until 14 May 2004 at 17h00 (Luxembourg local time) OPEN

Proposals submitted to this scheme are evaluated in batches. Proposals received between 5 August and 4 December 2003 constituted the last evaluated batch. Those proposals received after this date and up to the closing date 14 May 2004 will be evaluated in conjunction with proposals received under the  Fourth Call for proposals .

Please note that the deadline for submission of proposals under the continuous submission scheme has been moved to the 14 May 2004 at 17h00 (Luxembourg local time).

Download the documents necessary to submit a proposal:

All call documentation (in English, in 1 file)

Call documentation (part by part)

  Further information:

Download the "Brochure of projects resulting from the 2001 March call for proposals":
Image 1409 kb          Image 1309 kb          Image 1394 kb          Image 1398 kb            Image 1394 kb

To learn more about the call and its areas, the European Commission has organised a set of Information Days across Europe. Consult the events section .

Do you need a partner? Please consult:

Preproposal service closed as of 4 December 2003 
The preproposal service e-mail is permanently closed as of 4 December 2003. The helpdesk e-mail (email removed)  will still be open for general questions, but will NOT function as a substitute for the preproposal service. Please also refer to our website QA which is updated with the most frequently asked questions.


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