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Image 28.02.2005 The Council has approved the eContentplus programme. The 4-year programme (2005-08), proposed by the European Commission, will have a budget of 149 million € to tackle the fragmentation of the European digital content market and improve the accessibility and usability of geographical information, cultural content and educational material. Image Image


23.12.00 Call for experts (evaluators and reviewers)
Please note that a new call for experts is open for the e Content plus and Safer Internet plus programmes.
See the new call text and the new online submission tool

From 23.12.00 to 23.12.05 (1st selection by 31.3.01)
Call for applications for inclusion on lists of evaluators and reviewers in the framework of the eContent programme and the Safer Internet Action Plan.
Call Reference: 2000/S 247-158553

Requirements and application procedures:
50kb   51kb   277kb   47kb   50kb   49kb   52kb   52kb   49kb   48kb   50kb  

"Do note that the procedures are applicable to both the eContent programme
and the Safer Internet Action Plan."

Electronic registration instructions

Before proceeding filling out the form:

  1. Please read carefully the "Requirements and application procedures" note available in all official languages

  2. For data base management reasons the form must be completed in English

  3. Pay attention to providing complete, true, accurate and viable data, contact details in particular - the call is open for 5 years

    • the Commission assumes the truthfulness of the information provided in the form.
    • the Commission might at all times request written documents supporting this information.
    • if the information appears to be incorrect or if on request written evidence is not received within three weeks, the Commission reserves the right to delete the information from its information system.
    • the Commission cannot be held liable for use of incorrect information obtained via the application form.

  4. Please address questions or modifications to your data to: (email removed) .

  5. After having filled in the electronic registration, please follow the five step submission sequence

    1. print your filled in form from your web browser
    2. accept the terms of the call by submitting the application form to the EC
    3. submit the form electronically (After being sent, the information submitted cannot be consulted any longer. This is why you must print your paper version before submitting electronically.)
    4. sign the paper version of your completed form
    5. send the duly signed paper version to
      European Commission
      DG INFSO-D1
      "eContent experts"
      Office EUFO 1181
      Rue Alcide de Gasperi
      L-2920 Luxembourg

  6. Applicants who are already on the lists of experts drawn up for the implementation of other Community programmes and who wish to participate to this call for applications must submit a new eContent specific application.

  7. Fill out the electronic registration form now.


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