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ORS Logo ORS will reduce the time, inconvenience and expense associated with acquisition of copyright, giving a strong competitive advantage to European multimedia producers and content developers. Its practical design allows rights holders to join ORS without the need to change their own database structure.

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What is ORS?

ORS is an internet portal providing fast access to the many different companies holding information on rights holders, management modules and music-related rights holder organisations throughout Western Europe. The system is designed to help users to either obtain rights clearance or make swift contact with the relevant rights holder.

ORS Shopping Cart Rights owners gain access to a highly secure environment in which they can manage their rights and where their works enjoy increased visibility. Registered users can search for and identify objects or works in the entity database, obtain information on rights clearance tariffs, enter negotiations with the rights holder and generate a draft contract with the relevant organisation.

"Through ORS, potential users enquiries are processed seamlessly, more simply and faster than ever before," claims project co-ordinator Marc Guez, who is Managing Director of Paris-based collecting society, SCPP. "The system has been adapted to deal with a multiplicity of different structures in management companies in terms of database format and composition, types of rights managed and copyright administration.

"The main advantage of ORS is that it enables intellectual property rights to be traded without imposing any form of management of these rights on either users or rights holders. While some individuals will choose to manage their rights collectively through one-stop shops, the system allows others to retain direct control.

"Our own extensive research among more than a hundred EU collecting societies revealed that none had any form of on line rights clearance system in place. With the exception of the SCPP catalogue, no other European rights database is currently available on line," points out Mr. Guez.

How it Works

Search Criteria The ORS prototype software consists of three sections. The web portal allows the user to identify rights holder organisations and to either obtain tariffs, negotiate rights clearance directly or make immediate contact with the relevant individual via phone, fax or email. An interfaced standard database structure allows ORS to interact with the many different database structures of the rights holder organisations. Finally, the management modules enable the user to make his searches according to a wide range of criteria, follow these through to contract stage and receive progress reports on outstanding requests for rights clearance.

Select Objects The search module allows up to five criteria to be entered, such as country, track title, artist and sound carrier barcode. Works can be identified either by text description or samples. Rights holders are identified by object/work or types of use managed. As well as multimedia applications such as extracts for the internet, these might include telephone services, use with live performance or dubbing for tv.

"The portal is very user-friendly, allowing for creation of files detailing criteria against which rights clearance is requested. This prevents the need for users repeatedly to enter the same information about rights which must be cleared via several different organisations", emphasises Mr. Guez.

The ORS database automatically generates email to the user to confirm receipt of his request by the rights holder, along with the appropriate notifications within the rights holder organisation and a draft contract. The system can also create status reports such as whether the contract has been signed or cancelled, or whether payments are outstanding.

What has been Achieved?

Album Cover SCPPs own database of a million CDs and 20,000 music videos has been on-line since December 1999, as part of the ORS project. The prototype now contains contact details for over ninety rights holder organisations handling phonograms, music videos, sheet music, audio-visual and dramatic works in eighteen European countries.

"Our initial intention was to create an interface to other organisations software, enabling users to continue their search by transferring from one database to another," says Mr. Guez. "As the project progressed, we found it was more practical and cost-effective to reclassify a partial copy of each rights holder database according to the standard ORS structure, using a series of simple links. This means that organisations can join ORS without the need to change their current database structure."

Milia / ORS Poster Based on the success of the prototype, the project is set to continue, with the involvement of some new partners and with possible additional funding from the ECs new multi-annual programme, European Digital Content for the Global Networks. Its creators anticipate it will be fully functional by 2002. ORS has been showcased to collecting societies throughout Europe, including the IFPI in Switzerland and at MILIA 2001, the multimedia fair. The developers have also entered negotiations with rights holders outside the sphere of phonograms and music videos.

Though developed for the music industry, the ORS interfaced standard database structure has been designed in a way which could use the same management modules to clear rights to other types of objects or works, such as text, still and moving images, films and audio-visual works.


The ORS consortium includes representatives both of users and of right holders. CRYO Interactive is one of the main multimedia and games software developers in France, while SELL represents most of the French producers of multimedia and games software. Brussels-based IMAGIA and SIMIM, London-based PPL and Paris-based SCPP, the ORS project co-ordinator, are collecting societies for phonogram and music video producers. All partners were involved in design, development and testing of the prototype software.


Marc Guez
Societe Civile pour lExercice des droits des Producteurs Phonographiques (SCPP)
159 avenue Charles de Gaulle
FR 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Email (email removed)

Other partners
Syndicat des Editeurs de Logiciel de Loisirs (SELL), Rueil Malmaison, France
Societe de lIndustrie Musicale ( SIMIM ), Brussels, Belgium
Innings Maatschappij Audiovisueel (IMAGIA), Brussels, Belgium
Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), London, UK
CRYO Interactive Entertainment, Paris, France
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