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The CORDIS Web service which includes the Web pages, the CORDIS databases and the Map Based Search, are optimised to display tables, frames and forms. Therefore, it is important that your browser is able to view these features. We fully test our Web service with common browsers available from the two market leaders who together provide nearly all of the browsers present on the workstations of our users. These browsers are available without charge.

Currently, the minimum requirements are Netscape version 4.05 or Internet Explorer version 4.x with JavaScript enabled.

By obtaining one of these browsers (or later versions), you should be able to solve this problem. Shall you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Screen resolution problem: Make sure you have the following configuration:

Screen resolution:
Minimum 800*600 with 256 colours. Recommended 1024*768 and permitted colours above 256)
Character Set recommendations: Western (ISO 8859-1)

The minimum monitor display size recommended for viewing CORDIS has a 15 inch diagonal.

The option "Javascript" must be enabled