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EESD, sub-programme ENERGIE
calls for proposals in October 2000

  1. The European Commission specific programme for Energy Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD), sub-programme Energy (ENERGIE), will launch its next calls based on the new approach for the implementation of the programme towards the end of October 2000 with expected deadlines by February 2001 for medium to long term and by March 2001 for short term RTD activities.

  2. The areas chosen for these calls take particularly into consideration the major priorities of the EU Energy policy, notably the concerns of diversity and security of energy supply and the mitigation of the effects of energy supply and use in climate change, as well as the new orientations of the EU Research policy for advancing towards a real European Research Area ( 1 ) .

  3. The new approach for programme implementation, as described in the recent Update of the Work Programme, is based upon three main elements. Firstly a clear differentiation between proposals addressing the short time-frame (less than five years) and proposals addressing the medium-to-long time-frame (beyond five years). Secondly, the concentration of a substantial part of the programme around a core set of multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral "Target Actions" designed to facilitate the emergence of solutions with a measurable impact, high profile and relevance to EU policies. Thirdly, the identification of a limited number of priorities of strategic importance to the EU which are to be addressed by proposals related to any of the topics of the Work Programme. Work Programme Update includes new road maps, while a new Open Call for RTD activities of a Generic Nature, Training, Accompanying Measures and SME measures will replace the previous one.

  4. At this stage details of these calls are not available. However, access to the official call text and all the documentation needed to submit a proposal in response to this call will be available from the CORDIS Web FP5 service at: /eesd/calls/calls.htm

    For proposers considering submitting proposals addressing problems within the medium-to-long term framework (to be managed by DG Research), the Commission is organising an Information and Proposers Day in Brussels on 13th November to explain the details of the new approach for implementation and, in particular, the priorities and content for the calls for proposals for the period 2001-2002. For more information on the programme and registration please check at: /eesd/src/events.htm

    For proposers planning to submit proposals addressing problems that can be solved, and technologies that can be used, within the short term (to be managed by DG Energy and Transport), the Commission is organising in Brussels the following events: early November 2000, a briefing meeting for the National Contact Points to explain the new programme approach and to present the contents of the calls for proposals for the period 2001-2002; and in late November-early December, Information-meetings for the Target Actions open to all interested stakeholders.

Based on information from Directorates General Research and Transport-Energy.

1. COM (2000) 612 final of 04.10.2000 . European Research Area: Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: Making a reality of the European Research Area: Guidelines for EU research activities (2002-2006)

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