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Key Actions 5 and 6
[Energy Third Call]

This call is now closed.

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Important Notice Concerning the Call Text

Please note that for §6.3.1.- of the thematic priorities - the § number is correct but the text should read as follows:

"Optimising power quality, by means of energy storage, for stand-alone renewable and hybird systems and for transport (limited to renewable systems)" .
A Corrigendum published in the Official Journal on 25 March 2000 (OJ C 88).

A summary of this call is available for potential proposers

To prepare a proposal for this call, you will require:
Call text
Corrigendum of 25.03.2000 published in OJ C 88
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Work Programme (Revised Version 1999)
Guide for Proposers:
Part 1 (Common)
Part 2 (Call-specific)

Administrative Forms (Part A) (1)

Proposal Preparation Tool (Electronic Submission)
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