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Main FP4 projects with relevance to the new FP5, EESD, KA1 area

1.1. Integrated management and sustainable use of water resources and tools at catchment scale

with relevance to the current sub-areas

1.1.1. Strategic planning and integrated management methodologies and tools at catchment scale
1.1.2. Socio-economic aspects of sustainable use of water
1.1.3. Operational management schemes and decision support systems

1.2. Ecological quality of fresh water ecosystems and wetlands

1.2.1. Ecosystems functioning
1.2.2. Ecological quality targets

1.3. Treatment and purification technologies

< 1.3.1. Management of water in the city
1.3.2. Waste water treatment and re-use

1.4. Pollution prevention

1.4.1. Abatement of water pollution from contaminated land, landfills
1.4.2. Combating diffuse pollution

1.5. Surveillance, early warning and communication systems

1.5.1. Pollution surveillance and control
1.5.2. Improved flood and drought forecasting

1.6. Regulation of stocks and technologies for arid and semi-arid regions and generally water-deficient regions

1.6.1. Water resources use and management
1.6.2. Prevention and mitigation of saline water intrusion
1.6.3. Technological development and management tools

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