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"Global Change, Climate and Biodiversity"

Generic activities: natural and technological hazards and earth observation technologies

European network for research into global change

The aim of the Key Action on Global Change, Climate and Biodiversity under the Environment Programme of the Directorate General for Research is to develop the scientific, technological and socio-economic basis and tools necessary for the study and understanding of changes in the environment. It emphasises global and regional environmental problems that may have a significant impact on Europe, such as climate change, ozone depletion, biodiversity loss or loss of habitats and fertile land. Priority is given to issues covered by international treaties or conventions where the European Community or its Member States are signatories. Integration and synthesis across global change problems are receiving particular attention.

Since the start of the European Commission's Environment Programme under the 5th Framework Programme (1998-2002), the research covered by this Key Action has brought about significant improvement in our understanding of causes and trends in Global Change, Climate and Biodiversity. This Key Action covers a range of research projects which are providing an input to international research programmes. They also help to underpin EU policies related to environmental conventions and treaties such as Kyoto Protocol, Montreal Protocol, Convention on Biological Diversity, Desertification Convention and the Air Pollution Convention.

Generic research is devoted to the fight against major natural and technological hazards as well as to the development of earth observation technologies.

European Network for Research into Global Change (ENRICH) is an accompanying measure in order to increase the effectiveness of the Key Action on Global Change, Climate and Biodiversity and enlarge its scope in a wider international and global context.

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