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Main FP4 projects with relevance to the new FP5, EESD, KA2 area

Main MAST III (FP4) projects with relevance to the new FP5, EESD KA3 topics.
Important note: the projects below were not aimed specifically to nor funded under the headings of FP5. Therefore, their association to those headings is only orientative and has no official character. For a search of the projects under MAST III (FP4) please see /mast/home.html , where they are listed under the topics they originally addressed. Note also that some MAST III projects are listed as previous research projects in the Infrastructures web page.

3.1 Improved knowledge of marine processes, ecosystems and interactions

3.1.1 Better assessment of naturally occurring mechanisms of ecosystem functioning
3.1.2 Assessment of sedimentary systems for the sustainable management and use of the shelf, slope and deep-sea floor
3.1.3 Transport pathways and impacts of pollutants, key elements and nutrients in the marine environment

3.2 Reducing the anthropogenic impact on biodiversity and the sustainable functioning of marine ecosystems, and facilitating the development of safe, economic and sustainable exploitation technologies

3.2.1 Reversing the trend in loss of marine biodiversity
3.2.2 Reducing the effects of anthropogenic activities on the marine environment and recovering degraded marine systems
3.2.3 Technologies for safe, sustainable and economic exploitation of marine resources

3.3 Monitoring and managing coastal processes and the coastal zone

3.3.1 Integrated studies on land-ocean interaction
3.3.2 Coastal zone changes
3.3.3 Coastal protection against flooding and erosion
3.3.4 Coastal processes monitoring

3.4 Operational forecasting of environmental constraints of offshore activities

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