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The EUROHAB Initiative and cluster

The cluster comprises 6 current FP5 projects. Their total EU contribution is over 9 M€.


EUROHAB, the European Initiative on Harmful Algal Blooms started in 1999, is formulated to generate and co-ordinate the required research to manage better the effects of toxic/harmful marine micro-algae and cyanobacteria in the marine and brackish waters of the EU. The EUROHAB Science initiative was described in a publication of European Commission (European Commission, Research in Enclosed Seas-5, EUR 18592, ISBN 92-828-6612-2, 1999).

The European Commission/DG Research is promoting today, through EUROHAB, both the high-level research and networking on HAB issues needed at European level in co-ordination with the national relevant activities.

Structure of the cluster

EUROHAB includes 8 projects, from which 2 are FP4 MAST III projects and 6 are FP5 ESD projects. They are formally linked together via a common attachment to each Description of Work. Of the FP5 projects one is funded under Key Action 2 ( HABES ), the rest are funded under Key Action 3.

The MAST III projects of the EUROHAB Initiative are:

Harmful Introductions by Ships (Test monitoring systems for risk assessment of harmful introduction by ships to European waters),

DOMTOX (Importance of dissolved organic matter from terrestrial sources for the production, community structure and toxicity of phytoplankton of the European Atlantic and Baltic coastal waters; role of micro-predators for transmission of toxins to commercial shellfish and fish larvae),

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