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Main FP4 projects with relevance to the new FP5, EESD, KA4 area

4.1. Sustainable city planning and rational resource management

4.1.1 Improving urban governance and decision making
4.1.2 Improving the quality of urban life
4.1.3 Improving economic development, competitiveness and job creation in city centres and neighbourhoods

4.2 Protection, conservation and enhancement of European cultural heritage

4.2.1 Improved damage assessment on cultural heritage
4.2.2 Development of innovative conservation strategies
4.2.3 Foster integration of cultural heritage in the urban setting

4.3 Development and demonstration of technologies for safe, economic, clean, effective and sustainable preservation, recovery, renovation, construction, dismantling and demolition of the built environment, in particular for large groups of buildings

4.3.1 Sustainable construction and reconstruction of large groups of buidlings and urban infrastructure

4.4. Comparative assessment and cost effective implementation of strategies for sustainable transport systems in an urban environment

4.4.1 Strategic approaches and methodologies in urban planning towards sustainable urban transport

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