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Posters presented at the European Conference on "Integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation in energy systems", Brussels, 25-26 September 2001

The conference was accompanied by an exhibition of posters, describing EU-funded and nationally-funded projects related to renewable energy sources, distributed generation and their integration into energy systems. The posters can be downloaded from this page and are listed below according to their project acronym.

Full list of posters and project contact persons (PDF - 18Kb)


  • AMIREES (PDF - 57Kb)
    Accompanying Measure for the Integration of Renewable Energies into the Energy Systems

  • BIFIC (PDF - 82Kb)
    Biomass waste FBC with Inorganic Control

  • CAME-GT (PDF - 140Kb)
    Thematic Network for Cleaner and More Efficient Gas Turbines

  • CHAPNET (PDF - 132Kb)
    Thematic Network on Combined Heat and Power

  • DISPOWER (PDF - 171Kb)
    Distributed Generation with high penetration of Renewable Energy Sources

  • EFFECTIVE (PDF - 101Kb)
    Holistic Integration of MCFC technology towards a most EFFECTIVE systems compound using Biogas as renewable source of energy

  • ENIRGnet (PDF - 89Kb)
    European Network for Integration of Renewable Sources and Distributed Generation

  • ERA Bioenergy (PDF - 85Kb)
    Short term measures to develop the European Research Area for Bionenergy

  • Expert Systems LSSH (PDF - 364Kb)
    Development of an expert system to analyse and optimise the technical and economic feasibility and performance of hybrid large scale solar heating (LSSH) systems

  • FIRMWIND (PDF - 128Kb)
    Towards high penetration and firm power from wind energy

  • FIRST (PDF - 80Kb)
    Fuel cell innovative remote energy system for Telecom

  • HELIOSAT-3 (PDF - Kb)
    Energy-Specific Solar Radiation Data from Meteosat Second Generation (MSG)

  • HIPERPB (PDF - 116Kb)
    High Performance Photovoltaics in Buildings

  • HISICON (PDF - 90Kb)
    High Concentration Silicon Solar Cells Concentrator

  • HYBRIX (PDF - 1.886Kb)
    Plug and Play technology for hybrid power supplies

    Investigation on Storage Technologies for Intermittent Renewable Energies: Evaluation and recommended R&D strategy

  • IREN (PDF - 2.218Kb)
    Integrated RE Network for Ikaria Island, First real life Demonstration of Sustainable Energy System

  • MED 2010 (PDF - 85Kb)
    Large scale integration of PV and wind power in Mediterranean countries

  • MORE CARE (PDF - 246Kb)
    More advanced control advice for secure operation of isolated power systems with increased renewable energy penetration and storage

  • MSG (PDF - 68Kb)
    Combined Project on multi-user solar hybrid grids

  • PreHyNet (PDF - 164Kb)
    Preparation of a European Network for renewable energy hybrid power systems

  • PROCON (PDF - 74Kb)
    Decentralised Power Generation Plants based on Planar SOFC Technology: Proof of Concept

  • PV-EC-NET (PDF - 86Kb)
    Network for Co-ordination of European and national RTD Programmes for Photovoltaic Solar Energy

  • PVFC-SYS (PDF - 164Kb)
    Photovoltaic fuel-cell hybrid systems for electric and heat production for remote sites

  • PV-MODE and MORE (PDF - 109Kb)
    Modular stand-alone PV plants for decentralised electrification and Components for modular RE systems

  • PV-NET (PDF - 97Kb)
    Photovoltaic Network

  • REMAC 2000 (PDF - 95Kb)
    Renewable Energy Market Accelerator 2000

  • STRAWGAS (PDF - 122Kb)
    Straw gasification for Co-combustion in large CHP plants

  • SUNSTORE 2 (PDF - 106Kb)
    Solar Thermal & long term heat storage for DH

    Biomass and waste conversion in supercritical water for the production of renewable hydrogen

  • SURE/RESECO (PDF - 72Kb)
    Sustainable urban revitalisation of Europe: RES Energy concept

  • SUSTELNET (PDF - 98Kb)
    Policy and Regulatory Roadmaps for the Integration of Distributed Generation and the Development of Sustainable Electricity Networks

  • National Project - AUSTRIA (PDF - 272Kb)
    Strategies for an ambitious market introduction of decentralised RES in Austria

  • National Project - BELGIUM (PDF - 184Kb)
    Commission for the Analysis of the Means of Electricity Production and the Restructuring of the Energy Sector (AMPERE)

  • National Project - FINLAND (PDF - 68Kb)
    Integration of new recovered fuels and bioenergy concepts to local energy industry - Waste to Energy R & D Programme in Finland

  • National Project - GERMANY (PDF - 68Kb)
    Intelligent Distribution Networks with Decentralised Innovative Energy- and Communication- Structures

  • National Project - SWEDEN (PDF - 73Kb)
    Pilot projects for large-scale wind power implementation in Sweden

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