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Upcoming Events
1-3.09.2004 6th European Commission Conference on "Sustaining Europe's Cultural Heritage: from Research to Policy" London, UK
Past Events
1- 2.07.2004 Sustainable Urban Management and Land Use From European research to application at the local level Prague, Czech Republic
3-4.06.2004 SUREURO, Sustainable Refurbishment Europe, 6th European Conference Kalmar, Sweden
31.3-1.04.2004 RISK-UE, An advanced approach to earthquake risk scenarios with application to different European towns, Final conference Nice, France
04-05.11.2003 Symposium: Assessment of Technologies for the Removal of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Sewage and Drinking Water Facilities to Improve the Indirect Potable Water Reuse, EU project POSEIDON, results Braunschweig, Germany
15-17.09.2003 Ocean Margin Research Conference Paris, France
26-27.06.2003 CRISP final conference: Construction and City Related Sustainability Indicators - Development and practical use of indicators
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Sophia-Antipolis, France
25-26.06.2003 International conference on Abatement of Groundwater Contamination in Urban Areas
Perspectives resulting from recent R& D-Results
Stuttgart, Germany
26-27.05.2003 EU-MEDIN Forum on Disaster Research
"The Road to Harmonisation"
Thessaloniki, Greece
23-26.05.2003 European platform for biodiversity research strategy (EPBRS)
Meeting under the Greek presidency of the EU
Lesbos, Greece
24.04.2003 Making Hydrogen Available to the Public Reykjavik, Iceland
14-16.04.2003 ENVIRPHARMA European Conference on Human and Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the Environment Lyon, France
07-08.04.2003 Session on joint EU/US environmental research during EGS/AGU/EUG Nice, France
24-27.03.2003 European Conference on Coastal Zone Research: an ELOISE Approach Gdansk, Poland
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