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Environment and Sustainable Development


Environment and Sustainable Development (Part A)

    Study on ways of improving complementarity and synergy between national and Community research in the field of the environment and sustainable development (including biodiversity) :

    • Final Report Part A - Conclusions and Recommendations: PDF
    • Annex D - Checklist for interviews: PDF
    • Annex E - Questionnaire: PDF
    • Final Report Part B - Synthesis and analysis of the country studies: PDF
    • Phase 2 Report - Synthesis of Country Reports: PDF

  • Sustainable development in European cities: How research can contribute
    By Dr. Christian Patermann, Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development research programme : PDF - Word

  • Brochure: Design for living - the European City of Tomorrow

  • EUR 19436 - Air pollution report nÂș76

  • ASTAIRE, Atmospheric effects of aircraft emissions in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere", Proceedings of the EC advanced study course, pp. 397, Bergen, Norway, 22-31 August 1999
    Copies are availabe from (email removed) .

  • Mid-Term Review - The Path to Sustainability : Browse - PDF (~1.7Mb)

Other Environment and Sustainable Development Publications:


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