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Environment and Climate








The Environment and Climate Programme 1994-1998

Programme Outline

Council Decision: Official Journal L 361 of 31.12.1994
Duration: 15.12.1994 - 31.12.1998
EU contribution: ECU 566.5 million (including up to 5% for SME measures)
Aims: To improve the scientific base of EU environment policy: understanding the basic processes of the climate and of natural systems.
To help meet the objectives of world programmes of research into global change. Development of environment-friendly products, technologies, techniques and services which meet new needs and could create new jobs.
Previous programmes: STEP/EPOCH, environment (1994-98)


Areas of research Budget breakdown for scientific activities
A. Research into the natural environment, environmental quality and global change
  1. Climate change and impact on natural resources
  2. Atmospheric physics and chemistry, interaction with the biosphere and mechanisms of the impact of environmental change
247.75 Mecu
B. Environmental technologies
  1. Instruments, techniques and methods for monitoring the environment
  2. Technologies and methods for assessing environmental risk and for protecting and rehabilitating the environment
  3. Technologies to forecast, prevent and reduce natural risks
131.25 Mecu
C. Space techniques applied to environmental monitoring and research
  1. Methodological research and pilot projects
  2. Research and development work for potential future operational activities
  3. Centre for Earth Observation (CEO)
107.6 Mecu
D. Human dimensions of environmental change
  1. Socio-economic causes and effects of environmental change
  2. Economic and social responses to environmental problems
  3. Integration of scientific knowledge and economic and social considerations into the framing of environmental policies
  4. Sustainable development and technological change
39.40 Mecu
Type of support:

  • Shared-cost contracts
    • RTD projects
    • SME promotion
  • Concerted actions
  • Accompanying measures (studies, seminars, conferences, training, etc.)

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