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The Environment and Climate Programme 1994-1998

Click here for results of projects undertaken within the framework of the Environment and Climate Programme.

Information about results available from research and development carried out under the EU's RTD Framework Programmes is contained in the CORDIS RTD-Results database. The database is updated weekly and contains information about the research result, the contributing organisation, the type of collaboration sought, prototype availability, commercial potential, contact point information, and other details. Only results that can be further exploited (be it for production, marketing agreements, further development or funding) are available here; other project outcomes are listed as achievements within the CORDIS Projects database . Further information about the RTD-Results database is available on the CORDIS website. Click here to search the entire RTD-Results database or to carry out a map-based search.

If you wish to submit your research result to the RTD-Results database, you can do this on-line by clicking here .

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