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Esprit Project 20280 - WIDE
Workflow on Intelligent Distributed database Environment

Keywords: RTD project.
Technical - workflow , DBMS , active rules , complex transaction models , CORBA .
Sector - health care , finance and banking , public administration .

The main objective of the WIDE project is to extend the technology of distributed and active databases, in order to provide added value to advanced, application-oriented software products implementing workflow techniques.

WIDE is inspired by a coherent, component-oriented vision. Modern software systems should be built by composing, enhancing, and integrating software. Thus, flexible and extensible active rules and enhanced transactional models will be developed on top of existing database kernels, with a kernel-independent approach that warrants maximum portability and inter-operability. In particular, compliance towards the CORBA standard will be enforced.

The technology developed in WIDE will be directly exploited for the enhancement of FORO, an existing workflow management system supporting the management of enterprise-wide processes and their constraints in a co-operative, distributed environment, developed by Sema Group sae.

From a technical standpoint, WIDE will provide innovative, tightly integrated features concerned with advanced transactions (supporting distributed and asynchronous processing in the context of long-running and co-operative activities) and with reactive processing (supporting a rich event language as well as enhanced, flexible coupling to transactions).

These features will be used to improve the services offered by FORO, in particular for what concerns distribution and flexibility, two strategically essential features for the next generation of workflow management systems. Access to a variety of heterogeneous sources (with some support for multimedia features) and inter-operability will also be considered within the scope of WIDE.

The following results are expected:

The WIDE consortium, led by SEMA Group, a software integrator aiming at enhancement and exploitation of FORO, includes universities (Politecnico di Milano and the University of Twente) with complementary background in the two technical dimensions of the WIDE project and two users, ING Bank and the Manresa Hospital. The relevant applications are:

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