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Esprit Project 22241 - P3
Project and Process Prompter

Keywords: RTD project.
Technical - project management , daemons , knowledge-based systems
Sector - IT industry , telecommunications , industrial automation ..

The P3 project intends to develop a prototype tool, Prompter , which can be used to assist project planners in deciding:

Prompter has the potential to satisfy a need in the software industry for greater understanding of the options available during planning and why one choice should be made over another. For example, certain criteria have been established for selection of one life cycle rather than another; these criteria are not always well-understood, nor are the ramifications of that selection. Prompter will give the project planner the opportunity to input project goals and certain project-specific variables, match them against a generic model to create a specific project model, than analyse a set of options which may be used to organise the project so that it will meet its goals. Part of the project model will be definition of measurements that should be taken during the project and submitted as input to Prompter so that the original choice of options is either validated as correct, or possibly needs changing.

The final deliverable of this project will be a pre-commercial tool which will be further "productised", then marketed initially to the software industry. Prompter will be a stand-alone Windows-based software tool; it will run on any version of Microsoft Windows later than Windows 3.1 since this is where the major market opportunity exists. The user interface will be standard in that pull-down menus and other well-understood features will be used. In addition, this basic user interface will be enhanced as far as is feasible with advanced visualisation and dialogue techniques to: improve understanding of the underlying tool complexities; allow a user perspective rather than a purely technical perspective; and support teaching as part of project and process planning.

Development will take place in Ireland and France. Additional initial users form a Customer Advisory Board and are located in France, Italy, Hungary, and the U.K.

Contact Point

Mrs. Marty Sanders
Catalyst Software Ltd
Howth Road
Dublin 3
E-mail: (E-mail removed)