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Esprit Project 22613 - RODCI
Reconfigurable Optical Devices for Chip Interconnects

Keywords:MEL-ARI Optoelectronic Interconnects for ICs, architecture, optical components, assembly and packaging


The overall objectives of RODCI are as follows :

The main objective of this project is to evaluate the performances of optoelectronic links for intra and inter-chip communications, using the following key components: CGH optical plates, low threshold lasers (VCSEL) for generation and modulation of light, silicon p-i-n detectors, assembly on IC s using up to date micro-hybridisation technics.

This project will also look after the possibilities of optical reconfigurability (liquid crystal, polarisation dependency).

Contact Point
Dr. Sylvain PAINEAU
Domaine de Corbeville
F-91404 ORSAY cedex

e-mail: (E-mail removed)

Start date: 1 September 96
Duration: 24 months

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