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Esprit Project 22644 - SIBLE
Si-Based Light Emission

Keywords: MEL-ARI Optoelectronic Interconnects for ICs, light emission from silicon


To realize, investigate and optimize light-emitting diodes based on the following silicon-related materials: porous Si, Si/Si1-xGex quantum dot structures and Er-doped Si and Si/Si1-xGex for their potential in optical interconnects for IC's. At the end of the project, a comparison with III/V-based LEDs regarding the quantum efficiency, lifetime, reproducibility, fabrication aspects, compatibility with CMOS, and other aspects relevant for technological implementation will be presented to provide a platform for a decision on the industrial potential of Si-based emitters.

The availability of efficient light emitters suitable for direct integration into Si micro-electronic chips will undoubtedly lead to a major revolution in optoelectronics and open many new business opportunities.

In this exploratory project, the crucial problem of direct light emission from Si-based materials is addressed at the device level. Emphasis is laid on CMOS compability with the prospect of an integrated Si technology for multi-purpose use in micro- and optoelectronics in mind.

Contact Point
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kurz
RWTH Aachen
Institut für Halbleitertechnik Lehrstuhl II
Sommerfeldstrasse 24
D - 52074 Aachen

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Start date: 1 October 96
Duration: 21 months - COMPLETED

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