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Esprit Project 24158 - PERSPI

Business Sector: Software House

Application Area: Packaged and custom business-oriented software applications and system solutions

Key Words: PSP, CMM, personal process, development efficiency, small teams

Technologies / Methodologies / Tools: Personal Software Process


During the last two and a half years the company has started dealing explicitly with the improvement of its development process, focusing initially on the software engineering field, using Object Orientation, and then on the organisational - managerial field using the CMM process improvement framework. PERSPI has been designed to complement and support the above efforts, by addressing the most fine instrument of the software development process, the individual developer. It is expected that the successful introduction of Personal Software Process principles will directly improve personal development efficiency and personal commitment, which in turn are expected to increase productivity, product quality, and overall development responsiveness. It is also expected that this approach will directly involve developers in process improvement and will facilitate the institutionalisation of the improvement efforts done in the past.


In its kernel, the experiment will attempt to streamline personal processes in four distinct and tangible core-phases, each of which will introduce and apply a fundamental concept with respect to personal software process improvement:

  1. An initial phase that will define the baseline Personal Software Processes (PSP),
  2. A phase that will introduce the notion of planning in individual processes,
  3. A phase that will deal with the concept of personal management to quality, and
  4. A phase that will introduce and apply the principles of cyclic development.

PERSPI will be based on the OMEGA project which aims at the development and enhancement of the OMEGA framework, an in-house developed environment acting both as a lower-CASE tool and an application framework, that provides the application developers with a comprehensive set of reusable high-level user interface and problem domain components.


Developers are expected to be better able to define, measure and track their work by having a defined personal process structure and measurable criteria for evaluating and learning from their own and others experiences. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the whole exercise will increase developers commitment and capability to be more effective members of their development teams and projects through a customised set of orderly, consistent , and high-quality personal practices.

The results and experiences will be fed back to improve the overall development process, while a curriculum and a mentoring plan will be prepared to apply personal best practice mentality through-out in the development department.

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