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Esprit Project 24231 - JEDI
Java enabled Database Access over the Internet

Keywords: RTD project.
Technical - Java , DBMS , World-Wide Web , Internet
Sector - publishing , IT industry .

The key objective of the JEDI Project is to develop a tool and a working method that will permit to easily develop compound multisupport titles; that is publishing products combining current physical supports (books, CD-ROM, etc.) with access to databases over the Internet. In that way, publishers could focus on the information itself, paying less attention to technical concerns, not only to build a new title but also to keep it updated.

Beyond the initial market target of publishing, it is expected also that the JEDI tool will be very welcomed by systems integrators to develop applications to be deployed both on Internet or intranets and requiring a non trivial access to existing databases.

Along the project, the tool will be developed, mainly by TransTOOLs and ST&C, in a number of stages, giving the consortium the opportunity to test the new features as soon as they are integrated into the new authoring tool. To assure the marketability of the result, two pilot multimedia titles will be developed, in parallel, using the new tool by two different experienced multimedia companies from two different countries, Anaya Multimedia and Giunti Multimedia, offering a continuous feedback of real end user requirements. CSC Ploenzke will play the role of advisor of the publishers, helping to collect its requirements; they will also advice about buy/modify/develop choices to the makers of the JEDI tool and, finally, they will act as integrators between new developments and existing tools.

In addition, the market will be permanently explored to be aware of new rival products, tendencies, run of the market or new technology situations that might affect the current approach, in such a way that the partners will be able to react and change the initial specifications if it were needed.

Every organisation aiming to put on the Internet publications combining media and dealing with a large amount of information can currently combine several techniques, but the process is still expensive in terms of human and material resources, very time consuming and rather complex. This is further complicated when the information needs frequent updates. In the current situation many publishers are obligated to maintain teams of highly qualified experts only to ensure the technical success of their project, and this falls out of their traditional experience.

Therefore we strongly believe that there is a potential market of publishers (even those with Internet expertise) demanding tools that allow them to develop products minimising the risk of technical failure and reducing time and costs. With the tool resulting from the project publishers will be able to build titles or publish on the Internet combining a big amount of information of every kind, using databases to store them, and additionally develop a user interface that permits to navigate in a very attractive and friendly way, all this using a single integrated tool.

Both publishers in the project have direct exploitation plans for using the JEDI result as a strategic tool, to address new markets and to reduce its internal development costs. Giving the relevance of both companies, this will provide a key reference for marketing the JEDI tool, boosted by the very nature of the addressed market: publishing for the ever curious Internet user. This is a bonus for current TransTOOLs products, distributed in Germany by ST&C, as some developers initially attracted by JEDI could finally buy some of the current products. Last, but not least, CSC Ploenzke will benefit of its integration experience on JEDI to explore other possibilities to use the JEDI tool to develop other kind of applications, notably in the area of business applications for SMEs, that is the key market of current TransTOOLs products.

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