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HPCN Preparatory Support and Transfer Activities (PST)

24428 TTNMV-SF

Technology Transfer Node of Machine Vision in Finland

Keywords: HPCN, TNN, Embedded Systems and Networking; Machine Vision, Colour Vision, Distributed Computing

Industrial Applications: Machine Vision Applications in Different Industries; Process Automation (Pulp and Paper, Graphic Arts, Burning Process, Condition Monitoring, Food and Beverage, Mineral Processing...) , Robot Vision (Pattern Recognition, 3D Positioning and Measuring...), 3D Inspection and Modelling, Quality Control (Surface QC and Grading)

TTNMV-SF has a focused mission to exploit HPCN technology in the area of machine vision. In addition, it hopes to stimulate the transfer of technology and expertise across both Finland and the rest of Europe.

The TTNMV-SF activities will bring machine vision technology to new industries and especially to SMEs. Its Demonstrations and Best Practice actions will convince the European wide industry of the viability of those young machine vision providers and their new products.

Technology experts in research organisations can support providers of machine vision solutions in upgrading their system capabilities with HPCN techniques. This allows component suppliers to offer more cost-effective/new products and services.

Contact Point
Antti Soini
Finnish Automation Support Ltd
Tekniikantie 12
Fin-02150 Espoo

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1301
FIN-02044 VTT


E-mail: (email removed)

Start Date Duration
March 1997 24 months

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