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Esprit Project 26090 - CODEC
Open LTR - 1st phase
Multiwavelet Video Compression

Keywords: Video compression, image compression, wavelets, multiwavelets


Video and image coder/decoders (codecs) are one most important enabling technology for the digital multimedia revolution. At the moment the MPEG and JPEG standards have opened the door to this revolution, however in the future users will demand higher levels of compression with higher quality.

As the MPEG standards have progressed over time the changes made have been evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Each new standard has produced better compression and quality, however the basic technology used in each (Motion Estimation, DCT transform etc) is the same. Given the 30 years of research carried over the years on these algorithms, the gains achievable in the future will be small compared to their cost.

In this project we aim to develop a radical, new class of video compression algorithms which will form the basis of the standards of the next century. Our approach will be to use the multiwavelet transform in space and time with a space-time extension of the zero-tree algorithm used in image compression. The advantages over MPEG of our approach include higher compression, better quality, and much lower complexity and hardware cost.

At the end the first stage of this project we expect to have produced a video codec, which is significantly better in compression and quality than MPEG4, yet is simpler and cheaper to implement in hardware. At the end of the second stage we expect to have designed and fabricated a prototype VLSI processor implementing the algorithm.

The wavelet transform, zero-tree approach introduced by the proposer has already had a revolutionary effect for image compression, it is our aim in this project to do the same for video compression.

Contact Point
Prof. G.P. Knowles
Universidad de las Islas Baleares
Dpto Informatica Crta valldemossa, km. 7,5
E - 07071 Palma (Baleares)

e-mail: (E-mail removed)

Start date: 4 November 1997
Duration: 10 months

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