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Esprit Project 28844 - LOCOM
Logic Circuits with Reduced Complexity based on Devices with Higher Functionality

Keywords: MEL-ARI Nano-Scale ICs, Circuit architectures, compound semiconductors.

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The LOCOM proposal aims at novel circuit architectures beyond Boolean logic based on nano-scale devices with enhanced functionality. Monolithically integrated demonstrator circuits will be developed and investigated, using a multiple-input and a digital output threshold logic. The promise is a qualitative decrease in circuit complexity and finally an enhancement in computational functionality due to a gate-level parallel processing of multiple inputs.

III/V-resonant tunnelling devices as currently available precursors of Si-based devices with negative differential resistance (NDR) will be combined with heterostructure field-effect transistors representing a multiple input threshold gate as a novel building block of logic circuitry. The technology used will be commissioned and a manufacturability analysis will be provided up to the level of circuits of basic arithmetic computations. The transfer to Si is carried out within the MEL-ARI initiative due to an intense exchange of knowledge, device data, and industrial Si-technology up to the device level with the SiQUIC project (Si-RTD) and the study on other Si-based devices with NDR (e.g. Esaki-Diode).

Contact Point
Dr. Werner Prost
Gerhard-Mercator Universit├Ąt / GH - Duisburg
Fachgebiet Halbleitertechnik/Halbleitertechnologie
Kommandantenstrasse 60
D-47057 Duisburg

e-mail: (E-mail removed)

Start date: 1 July 98
Duration: 30 months

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