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Esprit Project 31870 - DESARTE
Open LTR - 2nd phase (1st phase see project 21870 )
The Computer-Supported Design of Artefacts & Spaces in Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Keywords: CSCW, (landscape) architectural design, ethnography, participatory prototyping, project management


DESARTE is concerned with the practices of 'aesthetic production' and their technical support. Its overall rationale is to create a new kind of work environment for architects and landscape architects. While much of the present effort focuses on developing tools for single tasks (drawing, rendering, file transfer, access to product information, etc.), we propose to build a flexible computational infrastructure which supports the complexity and openness of designers' work and its collaborative nature.

The objectives for the second phase are:

Particular to the approach of DESARTE is that it is grounded in practice, ethnography of and participatory design in (landscape) architectural work as two complementary methods. This requires a tight knitting of systems design activities with work studies at the user sites, and this in all phases (early design, testing, technical integration, "post-bricolage" development), so that prototype design remains connected to actual design practice.

These results will be exploited at two levels. Co-operation with additional future end-users from all over Europe will widen the grounding of prototype development in actual design practice, and help building a network of potential end-users. The prototype will be positioned and assessed in relation to the products and development strategies of different software companies and potential partners for the development of an industrial product will be mobilised.

Contact Point
Prof. Dr. Ina Wagner
Technische Universität Wien
Abteilung für CSCW
Argentinierstrasse 8/187
A-1040 Wien

e-mail: (E-mail removed)

Start date: 1 June 1998
Duration: 36 months

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