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Formal Methods
Wednesday 26 November - 11.00-17.00, Brussels Congress Centre
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Users always require a certain degree of confidence in the systems they employ, not only in critical situations where their safety is at stake, but also in systems which are largely used for entertainment. More than thirty years ago, Dijkstra and others pointed out that exhaustive testing of systems is usually impossible, and that other methods must be employed to secure acceptable levels of quality and confidence. Formal languages, and methods and tools based upon them, have been researched and developed for this purpose and can point to some successes, but also to some failures to live up to expectations. This workshop is aimed at the community of formal methods researchers, tool developers and users. It will enable an exchange of views on the benefits and problems experienced in using formal methods, and consider the future for formal methods and ways to usefully influence that future through longer-term research. The day is planned around a number of fairly short talks, concluded by a panel session, and with time for discussion and opinions from the floor.
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Chaired by Hermann Kopetz of the Technical University of Vienna, the workshop will include presentations by:

Contact: David Cornwell, (E-mail removed)

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