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Types of Project

Last updated: 2 September 1998

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ESSI has supported seven types of project, following Calls for Proposals in 1993 (the ESSI Pilot Phase), in 1995, in 1996 and lastly in 1997:

The numbers refer to the task references, as given in the ESPRIT Workprogramme


An assessment is a stand-alone action aimed at identifying an organisation's strengths and weaknesses in the software development process. It provides a comparison with the rest of industry and a number of recommendations for improvement of the assessed organisation's process.

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Process Improvement Experiments (PIEs)

A PIE provides the opportunity for an organisation to demonstrate the benefits of Image process improvement, through a controlled, limited experiment. The PIE is undertaken in conjunction with a real software project (the baseline project) which forms part of the normal business of the organisation.

A PIE allows an organisation to try out new procedures, new technologies and organisational changes before taking the decision as to whether or not they should be replicated throughout the software developing unit.

The lessons learned from a PIE will be disseminated both internally within the organisation and externally to the wider community, at the European level.

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Dissemination Actions

These actions aim to promote the dissemination of valuable information concerning software best practice, in general, and the results of the PIEs, in particular, at a European level.

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Experience/User Networks

Networks provide a forum for groups of users to pursue a specific problem affecting the development or use of software. Networks mobilise groups of users at a European level and provide them with the necessary critical mass to influence their suppliers and the future of the software industry through the formulation of clear requirements.

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Training Actions

Training actions improve the skills of software developers and increase the awareness of senior managers as to the possible benefits of software process improvement. Emphasis is placed on actions which serve as a catalyst through, for example, the training of trainers.

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Participation of an organisation as a regional node within a European network being established by the Commission to stimulate, support and co-ordinate a set of Process Improvement Experiments (PIEs) in order to exploit synergies, share experience, etc. Image
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ESSI Software Best Practice Networks (ESBNETs)

Establishment of European networks of organisations managing locally a set of closely related software best practice activities including hands-on activities - like the performance of small scale PIEs, assessments, improvement plans, etc. - information brokerage, experience exchange networks, demo sites, executive industrial visits or other schemes particularly tailored to meet the needs of the SMEs.

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