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The aim of i³ (pronounced "eye-cubed") is to develop new human-centred interfaces for interacting with information, aimed at the future broad population. i³ aims at a radical departure from present-day human-machine interface concepts and does this under the assumption that this can only be done guided by a long term vision intertwining human, societal and technological factors. Clearly it is not sufficient to simply encourage improvements to current interfaces - what is needed are new paradigms for interacting with information. For such new paradigms to be given a chance of emerging, new guiding visions are necessary. For this reason, i³ first called for new human-centred visions/masterplans ("schemata") for future interfaces, and will then call for projects that will carry out the work guided by the very best of these visions.

To set a starting point for the schemata, were chosen that describe the principal characteristics of interfaces to be considered:

These themes are described in more detail in the original 1995 general information pack . Schemata are to provide a human-centred vision for interacting with information through a guiding master-plan for a set of inter-related and coordinated projects, inspired by the above themes. Following an elaboration of the successful schema proposals, an open call for project proposals will result in a selection of projects that implement the schema objectives. Schemata will be expected to encourage a dynamic balance of project autonomy, inter-project cooperation and competition; they should be open to interdisciplinary participation from domains such as technology, design, human-factors and the arts.


The timing of i³ is based around two stages: a call for schemata and a call for projects . The first stage has now been completed, and the next major stage will be the call for projects.

1. Open call for schema proposals (September 1995)

- Evaluate and select two schemata (January/February 1996).

- The selected schemata are elaborated and finalised in agreement with the Commission (March - June 1996).

- Information pack preparation (July/August 1996)

2. Open call for projects based on the schemata (16 September 1996)

Expected outcomes

It is hoped that the i³ projects will deliver new models, new techniques and new technologies that could, if successful, constitute the necessary building blocks for the interfaces of tomorrow. The expectation is that results from i³ projects could feed into the downstream programmes of Esprit or ACTS, in the further development of such research. In addition the models, techniques and insights gained from i³ projects could provide input for future telematics projects that might integrate, test and deploy applications in the user context.


The i³ initiative has a budget of up to 25 million ecu.

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