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Information Package

I have an old Esprit Information Package (dated 1996 or earlier). Is this or any part of it still valid?


What type of organisations can bid for funding?

The programme is designed to be as open as possible so all types of organisations can apply. This includes companies of all sizes, universities and research organisations from within the European Union. There are also opportunities for non-EU-based organisations to apply and you should check the section in this booklet which covers this point.

I would like to put together a proposal. Can you put me in touch with suitable partners?

The deadline for the proposal I am preparing is 16 June 1998 at 17.00. Does this mean that the proposal should be postmarked 16/06/98 at the latest or that it should have arrived at the Commission by 17.00 on 16/06/98?

I still haven't received the acknowledgement of receipt for the proposal I submitted 2 weeks ago. What has happened?

I have expertise and would like to take part in a project. Can you please recommend me to one of your projects?

I am submitting a proposal in response to your call. Who should sign the proposal and where should it be signed?

Can I discuss our proposal with information technology programme staff ?

When can we apply ?

How much funding can we bid for ?

This depends on the type of action or the results anticipated. You need to check the information in the Call for Proposals and the Specific Information booklet relating to your area of interest. As a general principle, you should then try to match the funding as accurately as possible to the work required to meet the project's goal.

The Call for Proposals document gives the budget for each domain and this gives a broad indication of the scale of Programme funding.

What does the programme call an SME?

For the purposes of the Information Technology Programme an SME is defined as an enterprise with:

What is the ideal size for a project or action?

What level of detail is required in the proposal?

Who should manage the project?

Who should be an associate partner?

What are the rules about using sub-contractors?

Can I send the same or closely related proposals to other programmes?

My organisation is not established in any of the member states of the European Union. Am I allowed to submit a proposal?


I have applied for an SME exploratory award. When will I hear if my application has been successful?

How long will it take before I get the results of the evaluation of my proposal?

Can you tell me how the evaluation of my proposal is going?

What happens if our proposal is not recommended for funding?

If it is decided that the proposal receives funding, what is the next step?


Can I have a copy of the standard contracts which I will be expected to sign if my proposal is successful?

Do you have a standard associated partner contract?

Project Information

How can I get hold of the synopsis of a particular project?

How can I get hold of the most up-to-date information about a particular Esprit project?

How can I find out if a particular project is still running?


What is the IT Programme Office, and why do I have to contact them for some things and the Esprit Information Desk for others?

Can you put me on your mailing list to receive information about Esprit in the future?

Can I use the Esprit logo on a brochure I am creating?

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