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The European Conference on Integration in Manufacturing (IiM) 1998

Göteborg, Sweden

6-8 October 1998


"Changing the Ways We Work
Shaping the ICT Solutions for the Next Century"

Conference theme

€œChanging the ways we work €“ ICT solutions for the next century€.
Every industrial enterprise, as well as every individual, has experienced the impact of information and communication technologies on their daily work and life, and changed behaviour accordingly out of need. However, to take full benefit of the technology in manufacturing it is obvious that the ICT-solutions should harmonize with the way we are organized, and the way we are working and engineering our product- and production systems. The conference will highlight research and development in this direction and explore experiences from industry and academia.
The conference has been an annual event for many years and aims at disseminating information and encouraging exploitation from the research and technology development (RTD) carried out under the ESPRIT domain €Integration in Manufacturing (IiM)€ and related activities. It also aims to increase synergies among those currently participating in ESPRIT and to lower the barriers to ESPRIT participation for potential newcomers, in particular SMEs.
This year€™s conference also marks the transition from the 4th Framework Programme of ESPRIT to the coming 5th Programme, which has its focus on €Information Society Technologies€. Comprehensive information on the future of the IiM-domain in this programme will be provided during the conference.

Who should attend

The conference is intended for manufacturing engineers and managers, quality or process engineers as well as IT suppliers/vendors, academic researchers, technology transfer centres and industrial associations.

Conference programme committee
Conference chair Nils Mårtensson, Chalmers T U, (S)
Programme Comittee Members Ramutis Bansevicius, Kaunas T U, (LT) Alessandro Concialini, Pirelli, (I)
Leela Damodaran, HUSAT, (UK)
Dieter Fichtner, T U Dresden, (D)
Fikry Garas, Taywood Eng, (UK)
Peter Groumpos, U of Patras, (GR)
Pedro Hernandez, APV Baker Iberica, (E) Bengt Johansson, NUTEK, (S)
Jean Lebrun, Thomson-CSF/TTM, (F)
Jan Leuridan, LMS Int, (B)
Thomas Kayser, Unilever, (NL)
Ronald Mackay, CEC (B)
Michel Nicoulin, IBM, (F)
Irene Odgaard, SID, (DK)
Gerard Ryan, Qualit Ireland, (IRL)
Albertino José Santana, HELTECA, (P)
Anton Sauer, Globana Online GmbH, (D)
Jan Sjögren, IVF, (S)
Wiggo Smeby, Det Norske Veritas, (N)
Stanko Strmcnik, Jozef Stefan Inst, (SI)
Mark Reilly, Scottish Enterprise, (UK)
Stieg Westin, VOLVO, (S)

Speakers & presentations

The conference will have strategic plenary sessions with invited presentations, three streams of parallel, technical sessions and a plenary round table discussion on the conference theme.
Papers were selected from a call for participation and cover topics like enterprise integration, employee participation, knowledge sharing, life cycle management, concurrent engineering, shop floor control, and others. Authors are briefed to present the business case, practical experience and concrete results.

Conference venue

Göteborg (Gothenburg), the second largest city in Sweden, is a major industrial centre on the westcoast. Volvo Car Corp and SKF Bearing Company have their head offices here and others, e.g. Ericsson, have large development and manufacturing facilities. The Swedish Trade Fair is centrally located with all modern facilities including a 18-storey hotel, Gothia, with 300 rooms. The airport has several connections daily with major European cities, and the airport bus stops right outside the congress center.


Tuesday, 6 th October 1998
8.00 Registration
9.30 Opening session
Lars Rekke, State Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Stockholm
G. Metakides, Director ESPRIT, European Commission, Brussels
Peter Augustsson, Managing Director, AB SKF, Göteborg (1)
10.30 Break / exhibition
11.00 Plenary session: €Reorganisation of Industry€
Speakers: Frieder Mayer -Kramer, Director Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Karlsruhe
Jan-Crister Persson, Director the Swedish Institute of Production Engineering Research, Göteborg
Lloyd Snowden, Vice President ADTranz, Lissabon (2)
12.30 Lunch / exhibition
14.00 (3) Employee Participation

Agility & Human factors in Virtual (Semiconductor) Enterprise Frederix Florent, Alcatel €“ Mietec, Oudenaarde

Organisational Change Management, Software & paper-based Tools, case study library, Training Package & Consultancy Services Ryan Gerry, QualIT Ireland Ltd., Dalkey, CO. Dublin

Balancing human aspects in dynamic automated manufacturing systems Harlin Anna, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg
(5) Tools for Global Engineering Networks

Internet Tools in CAD/CAM Technological Environment Creation Adamczyk Zbigniew, Instytut Obrobki Skrawanien, Krakow

Common Sematic Model in GENIAL: form Conceptualisation towards Engineering Networks Seifert Lars, Heinz Nixdorf Institut / AG Gausemeier, Paderborn

Gateway Integration of Global Engineering Networking (GEN) and Product Data Management (PDM) Gausemeier Jürgen, Heinz Nixdorf Institut, Padeborn
(7) Design Tools

An Architecture of Virtual Objects for the Integration of Heterogeneous Data Processing Systems Linsenmaier Thomas, Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO), Stuttgart

Integration of CORBA and WEB technologies in the VEGA DIS Zarli Alain, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Btiment, Sophia Antipolis cedex

MOKA: A user-driven project to develop methodology and tools oriented to knowledge-based engineering applications Callot Martine, AEROSPATIALE, Suresnes Cedex
15.30 Break / exhibition
(4) Training & Education

Structured Troubleshooting: Implications for Training and Maintenance Schaafstal A. M., TNO Human Factors Research Institute, Soesterberg

Work Process Knowledge in Technical Training Fischer Martin, Universität Bremen, Bremen

Systems for Support of process operations Ollus Martin, VTT Automation, VTT, Finland

A Survey of European Academic Programs on Manufacturing and Control Groumpos Peter, University of Patras, Rio, Patras
(6) Production Life Cycle Management

IT-based Quality Engine. Tools for Assembly and small Batches Manufacturing Wangberg Karl-Gunnar, SAAB AB, Linköping

Methodology of intelligent object-oriented design and process planning Evgenev Georgy B., Moscow State Technical University n.a. N. Bauman, Moscow

An holistic Approach to Assembly Flowline Design Lanham John, University of the West of England, Bristol
(8) Enterprise Integration

The VINST Approach: Validating and Integrating Step AP Schemata Using a Semi-Automatic Tool Dalianis Hercules, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV), Kista

Information automatizing of production facilities based on their unified models Gornev V. F. Boumann Moscow Stat Technical University (BMSTU), Moscow
19.00 Reception hosted by the City of Göteborg

Wednesday, 7 th October 1998

9.00 Plenary session: Enterprise Engineering and Integration
Speakers: K. Kosanke, CIMOSA Association e. V., Böblingen
Speaker fromVolvo Car Corporation, Göteborg
Speaker from BAAN
10.30 Break / exhibition
11.00 (10) Reorganisation of Industry from Business Drivers

POSC, People and Knowledge Work Ring Michael J., POSC (Europe) Ltd., Hayes Middlesex

The Fractal Company €“ Success Factors of a High-performance Organisation Bischoff Jürgen, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing, Stuttgart

From Business Drivers to understandable Information Lord Stuart, ICI Engineering Technology, Cheshire

High performance teams €“ A vision for the European Oil & Gas exploration and Production industry Getty Robin, Petrotechnical Data Systems BV, DEN HAAG
(13) Concurrent Engineering I

Design Structure Matrices for the Planning of Rule-Based Engineering Systems Sunnersjö Staffan, IVF, Mölndal

Conflict Management and Nego-tiation for Concurrent Engineering using Pareto Optimality O€™Sullivan Barry, National University of Ireland, Ireland

Agent & Object-based manufacturing systems re-engineering: case study Smirnov Alexander, St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian academy, (SPIIRAS) St. Petersburg
(16) Global Engineering Networks in Industry

The Rise of the Hyper-Chain: Business Effects of Emerging Internet enabled Information Systems. Early experiences from the Wood/furniture sector Sakkas Nikos, PLANET S.A., Athens

GEN €“ Global Eingineering Neworking Radeke Elke, Research Institute of Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG, Paderborn

GEN €“ Vision furned into reality Rethfeld Ulrich, Globana €“ Online GmbH, München

Commercial Background of GEN Burkhardt Jörg, Globana €“ Online GmbH, München
12.30 Lunch / exhibition
14.00 (11) IT Requirements and System Modelling

Information Technology for the European Textile-Clothing-Retail Sectors Kartsounis George, Athens Technology Center S.A., Paradiso Maroussi Athens

Business and IT Requirements of European Large Scale Engineering Clients Hassan Tarek, Civil and Building Engineering Department, Loughborough, Leics.

Information Management Structures for the next Century Schulz Herbert, PTW Darmstadt University of Technology, Darmstadt

Application of the object-oriented methodology to the description of manufacturing systems Corradi Elena, Politecnico di Milano
(14) Concurrent Engineering II

Strategic redesign of business processes: a comprehensive object-oriented method Gausemeier Jürgen, Heinz Nixdorf Institut & Universität GH-Paderborn, Paderborn

The BEP-IFM Project: an Approach to Integrating Business Functions in Manufacturing Mourtzis Dimitris, University of Patras, Patras

Requirements and Solutions for Order Coordination in Virtual Enterprises Halmosi Hans, FhG-IPA, Stuttgart

Managing new product development: moving towards a model of concordance Haque Bader, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
(17) SME Cases

The Shape of Things to Come Desbarats Gus, Random Product Design Ltd €“ Random Studios, Hants

IT-based problem solving: helping small manufacturing companies Mazharsolook Ebrahim, Key Industrial Software Systems Ltd, Portsmouth

TOYS-CIM project: Application of new technologies in the field of CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping within the toy sector Carrion Cesar, AIJU, IBI (Alicante)

Is there anybody there? Working and communicating with customer/ suppliers for the small manufacturing SME Purslow Philip, CIMMEDIA Ltd., Warwickshire

Best Practice for Information Technology in the Textile Industry Nielsen Charlotte, EURA A/S, Bruxelles
15.30 Break / exhibition
(12) New Technologies in the Process Industries

Elf Atochem Steamcracker advanced process control application Caesemaecker F., ELF €“ Centre Technique Atochem, Pierre-Benite Cédex

Introducing Novel Technologies in Industrial Process Plants €“ A frame-work for a factory implementation plan Kayser, Thomas, Unilever Research Laboratory, Vlaardingen
(15) Concurrent Engineering III

Co-operation between manufacturing functions in sheet metal part manufacturing De Vin Leo J, Department of Enginee-ring Science, Skövde

Concurrent development of product and manufacturing technologies using advanced simulation methods Bolmsjö Gunnar, Lund University, Lund

Ship product data integration and exchange to support ship design Kendall John, Lloyd€™s Register of Shipping, London

Accelerating the exchange of information and experience about concurrent engineering; the CE network of excellence (CE-NET) Weber Frithjof, BIBA, Bremen
(18) Cases

Design office information, where is this information used and how does it affect business performance? Hodgins Denis, European Technology for Business Ltd, Wheathampstead, Hert

Create awareness and guide actions to improve the performance of your company Melis Tineke, IME Consult, Nijmegen

Flexible Car Body Production with High Geometrical Precision Lars Nilsson,VOLVO, Göteborg

MARESPO-IT innovation for the Maritime Future Nordloh Heiko, BALance Technology Consulting, Bremen
20.00 Conference banquet at the City Hall Börsen

Thursday, 8 th October 1998

9.00 (19) Management & Logistics

Computer-aided Tolerance Manage-ment €“ The Holistic Approach to Variation Control Wandebäck Fredrik, IVF, Mölndal

KISS €“ Kaizen Information System & Management Support Pelella Stefano, British Maritime Technology, Teddington, Middlesex

Logsme and its vision for the food industry €“ (logistics to support continuous improvement for SMEs in the virutal enterprise) Hunt Ingrid, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Research Unit, Galway, IRELAND
(21) Device Control

A Step towards Integrated Supervisory Control of Complex Machining Processes Wiklund Håkan, Division of Quality Technology and Statistics, Luleå

Robotic system uses camera control to achieve absolute precision Neumann Karl-Erik, Neos Robotics AB, Täby

Experience and results from the ATHENA project Holmqvist Robert, Arnex Navigation Systems AB, Göteborg

Free navigating autonomous transport robots for Flexible Industrial Production Schilling Klaus, Steinbeis Transferzentrum ARS, Weingarten

Random Access CMOS Camera with an effective Resolution of 4096x4096 Pixel for High Speed Industrial Vision Applications Laloni Claudio, SIEMENS AG, München
(23) Systems Integration

Framework for Information Integration in extended manufacturing CIM-Enterprise Spasic Zarko, University of Belgrade, Belgrade

Paradigm for Information Integra-tion in Enterprises Tian Hua, Department of Measurement and Control Engineering, Duisburg

A heterogeneous IT tool interope-ration Architecture for Automotive and Aerospace Industries Doherty Conor, Fraunhofer-IITB, Karlsruhe
10.30 Break / exhibition
11.00 (20) Knowledge-Sharing

Tri-Base Acquaintance Model for project-driven production modelling Pechoucek Michael, Gerstner laboratory for Intelligent Decision Making and Control, Prague 6 €“ Czech Republic

User-driven development of VSOP technology Gustafsson Bertil, IVF, Mölndal
(22) Shop Floor Control

New Architecture for flexible shop control systems Leitao Paulo Centro de CIM do Porto, Porto

Virtual environment for integrative factory and logistics planning with virtual reality Flaig Thomas, Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart

A sliding Link Approach to the LinkPoping Flywheel Robot Grahn Sten, Linköping University, Linköping

Comparison of reference architectures: Chalmers Modified Hierarchical Architecture vs. K.U. Leuven Holonic Architecture Gullander Per, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg

Chalmers Architecture and Methodology for flexible Production €“ CHAMP Lennartson Bengt, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg
( 24) Process Control

An approach for IAM conformance testing Bangemann Thomas, Ifak €“ Institut für Automation und Kommunikation e,V, Barleben

Adaptive IMC using fuzzy neural networks for the control on non linear systems Sánches E. Gómez, University of Valladolid, Valladolid

Indirect advisory control for chemical plant based on Fuzzy Logic Picciolo Giovanni, ENICHEM S.A., San Donato Milanese (Milan)
12.00 (25) Plenary session: Summary and Future €“ Round Table Discussion
13.00 Lunch / exhibition

14.00 €“ 18.00 Visits to Industry and Institutes

Study visits will be arranged to the following sites!

Volvo Torslanda Plant Car Corp : Flexible body-in-white manufacture.

SKF, Göteborg:

Ericsson, Borås: Production of micro-wave communication links. The bus will make a stop on its return to Göteborg at Landvetter Airport at approximately 17.30.

Prosolvia, Göteborg:


Flexible body-in-white manufacture.

Channel concept for flexible manufacturing of large size bearings.

Production of micro-wave communication links. The bus will make a stop on its return to Göteborg at Landvetter Airport at approximately 17.30.

3D-simulation and animation

Multi-media facilities

Modern facilities for mechanical and electronics production

Since the number of participants is limited, please indicate your preference on the registration form.

Posters and Exhibitions

As part of the conference an exhibition will take place which will show products and projects within the scope of the conference. Included will be posters and demonstrations providing the opportunity to discuss in detail with developers and experienced users the technology and its introduction/application in manufacturing environments. For participation in the exhibition, see address of the (E-mail removed)

General Information
Date October 6€“8, 1998
Place The Swedish Trade Fair (Svenska Mässan), Mässans gata 22
Registration Registration form on next page.
A one-day registration is also offered.
Local transportation From the Airport:
The airport bus takes approximately 30 minutes to the city centre. To get to the hotels, and the Swedish Trade Fair you get off at the stop Korsvägen just outside the congress venue, to reach the dormitory change to bus No 50 or 51. If you take a taxi we recommend Taxi Göteborg. They have a fixed price to the city centre at approx. SEK 250.
Hotels Hotel Gothia, Mässans gata 24 €“ 4 star hotel.
Situated in the same building as the Swedish Trade Fair. Price for a single room is SEK 1 190 per night and for a double room SEK 1 390 per night.

Hotel Lorensberg, Berzeligatan 15 €“ 3 star hotel.
Situated with approx. 5 minutes walk to congress venue. Price for a single room is SEK 830 and for a double room SEK 1 230.

SGS Bostäder, dormitory, Utlandagatan 24.
Situated with approx. 30 minutes walk or 10 minutes by bus to congress venue. Has no 24-hour reception. The room has shower and toilet. No breakfast is served, but there is a joint kitchen with a few utilities. Price for a single room SEK 320 and for a double room SEK 460 per night.
Social activities On Tuesday, October 6, there will be a reception hosted by the City of Göteborg at the Art Museum. A light meal will be served. The reception is free of charge.

A banquet will take place on Wednesday at the City Hall Börsen. It is included in the conference fee except for day-fee participants, students and accompanying persons.
Poster exhibition Posters are being displayed in close connection with the conference halls.
Meals Lunch will be served in the lunch restaurant in the conference building and is included in the conference fee.
Parking There is a parking building, Focus, next to the conference venue open between 07.00 and 23.00 every day.
Study visits Please indicate your choice on the registration form.

For further information

Queries can be addressed either to the European Commission or to local host contacts:
European Commission Programme Committee
Att: Mr. Ronald Mackay
Ms. Alexandra Schulten
DGIII/F.7 Rue de la Loi 200 (N-105-7/00)
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium

E-mail: (E-mail removed)
Chalmers University of Technology
Att: Nils Mårtensson
Dept. of Production Engineering
SE-412 96 GÖTEBORG, Sweden

E-mail: (E-mail removed)
Conference Administration Conference Exhibition
Congrex Göteborg AB Box 5078 SE-402 22 GÖTEBORG, Sweden

Fax +46-31 20 36 20 E-mail: (E-mail removed)
IVF Lennart Karlsson Teknikringen 1 SE-583 30 LINKÖPING, Sweden

E-mail: (E-mail removed)

Local organisation committe
Bengt Johansson, NUTEK
Thomas Lewin, Ericsson
Pär Malmberg, SKF
Jan Sjögren, IVF
Kurt Stenudd, Chalmers
Karin Södersten, IVF
Henrik Sörstedt, Telia
Stieg Westin, Volvo
C G Carlebom, Prosolvia
Anders S Dahlgren, NDC
Åke Madesäter, ABB

The conference is jointly organized and supported by
Image European Commission , DG III, Industry
Image Chalmers University of Technology , Göteborg, Sweden
Image The Swedish Institute of Production Engineering Research
Image The Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development ( NUTEK )

All conference announcement will be found on this updated home page. Please refer also to the IiM Web Page .

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