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Image International RTD Co-operation in IT

WELCOME to non-EU participants

The primary objective of the RTD in Information Technology is to enhance industrial competitiveness, as information technologies are critically important for the competitiveness of all industries, both goods and services. IT is used in the design and manufacture of products, is incorporated into the products themselves, and underpins the way companies do business.

International cooperation with partners from outside the European Union in RTD in the IT domain has to respond to regional differences in setting appropriated priorities, objectives, mechanisms and timing. Currently cooperation activities are conducted with various regions:

The EU's instruments to encourage joint research activities include a variety of schemes which have been developed in the course of a European tradition of cooperation in RTD. The variety of possibilities for non EU organisations to participate in the ESPRIT programme aims at encouraging global RTD actions in IT research.

Mechanisms have now been set in place ensuring a smoother integration and advantageous funding possibilities for the CCE participants, as well as other thirds countries. In addition, we will continue support of accompanying activities for the implementation of the Global Information Society in the framework of the INCO programme, thus promoting international RTD cooperation.

An information brochure can be downloaded or (E-mail removed) to provide you with a clearer picture of the various opportunities in International RTD co-operation in Information Technologies, as well as on the implementation methods of applications, evaluations & selections, and contracts.

  • George Metakides
  • Director DG III/F
  • RTD in IT

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International RTD Co-operation in IT
WELCOME to non-EU participants

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