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The Steering Committee members are:

The role of the independent experts will be to provide strategic guidance, to advise the Commission on the cluster overall performance,and to improve the links to industry.

The SC has a dual mandate:

The search for CMOS foundries for test CMOS wafer parts is a typical example of such activities of common interest.

The SC will elaborate a technological roadmap, with milestones,decision points, and objectives, that is equivalent to a highlevel work programme for the cluster as a whole. The initial version will be based on expertise from outside of the cluster. The time horizon of the roadmap need not be limited to the duration ofthe projects but may extend further into the future. The SC will revise the roadmap as needed, on the basis of progress made in the cluster projects and in research world-wide. It will also make recommendations on adjustments needed to successfully follow the roadmap.

In addition to the above dual mandate, the SC has responsibility for the promotion of the MEL ARI, for the dissemination of information,and for the agenda of the 6-monthly meetings.

The SC meets at least twice a year.

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