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Introduction to Themes

During 1997 Esprit launched four Thematic Calls. To find out more about them follow the links. IT for Mobility and Electronic Commerce calls occured in March followed by IT for Learning and Training in Industry and Information Access and Interfaces in September. All four calls received a good response in terms of proposals having a strong multidisciplinary content and in terms of spanning the topics described in the Esprit workprogramme. The experiment of thematic calls was judged to be successful and is likely to be adopted again in the future.

"IT for Mobility" - update

The "IT for Mobility" call aimed to provide an opportunity for innovative, multi-disciplinary R&D activities involving broad cooperation between industrial partners with complementary skills, approaches and technologies. Indeed, the proposals received reflected this aim and following an evaluation in July '97, thirteen proposals were selected for project negotiations. These project are all launched and working towards their objectives.

You can browse Active IT for Mobility Projects and find brief synopses and contact person information. Similarly you can browse information in an updated table of ongoing or recently completed Esprit projects that are related to IT for Mobility concepts.

Contact for "IT for Mobility"

David Broster
DG XIII - Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research
Directorate XIII/RTD:IT, N105-2/42
Rue de la Loi 200, 1040, Bruxelles, Belgium

e-mail: (E-mail removed)
web: /esprit/src/mobility.htm


IT for Mobility projects

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