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This second version of the esprit results website describes nearly 200 successful outcomes arising from projects supported by esprit. As in the first edition, the majority of these outcomes are described in terms of results, demonstrating how specific project results are being applied and further developed. While many of the stories are new, the opportunity has also been taken to update some of the entries covered in the first edition, or to present a different aspect.

In addition, this edition includes three alternative types of story. The Improved Business Performance stories illustrate how end-users have applied esprit results to achieve significant and direct business benefits. The "Companies in esprit" stories show how companies within the IT industry have used their participation in esprit to improve their competitiveness in world markets. Finally, the esprit Initiative stories describe special measures and actions being taken by esprit to support particular aspects of IT development and take-up

Together the different stories provide a broad cross-section of esprit 's achievements. The presentation is necessarily selective, however, and the stories have been chosen to provide a balanced representation of all esprit' s Research areas and Application areas .


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