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EU-China industrial initiative in HPCN launched

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ERCIM, the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics , has been awarded a grant by the European Commission to coordinate an European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics .

The initiative is partially financed by the Chinese government through NCIC, China's National Centre for Intelligent Computing , with additional funding coming from European and Chinese industry. The goal is to promote Sino-European cooperation by raising Chinese awareness of EU technologies and expertise, and to inform the EU business community about market opportunities in China. A management seminar, workshops in Europe and China and a business forum are planned. Participants in relevant Esprit projects will be invited to take part.

This HPCN initiative is part of a range of EU-China industrial cooperation activities in science and technology now being organised under the auspices of the Chinese government and the European Commission.


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Dr Wen Gao
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Esprit's HPCN unit
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