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TCS activities

Gives an overview of R&D activities in TCS

Calls for proposals

The final Esprit Call for proposals under Framework IV closed on June 16, 1998.



FP4 project synopses will give a standard Word file with the latest TCS project synopses, updated regularly. The contents are organised according to thematic headings as follows:

Application competences and Design
Enhancement of technology and manufacturing base
ESD Best Practice and Cooperative Research
Design Clusters
Networks and working groups

Project home pages

Project results

Interesting links

The European Design and Automation Association (EDAA) home page contains the SYSTEM DESIGN TECHNOLOGY roadmap produced by the EDAA which charts trends and requirements for system level design until 2002.

The roadmapping activity was partially funded under Esprit Project 23435 MICR O N. The four sheets with a time-axis running to 2002 are in .pdf format and can be downloaded using Acrobat Reader 3.0.

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