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Esprit themes and
thematic calls

Thematic calls are based on the Esprit work-programme . Proposers are encouraged to address and integrate multiple technologies that cut across Esprit's current domain structure.

Evaluation and follow-up of the proposals selected will be carried out in conjunction with the Telematics Applications and ACTS programmes.

Image IT for Mobility 15 March-17June

Fostering the development of applications, systems and appliances that use IT to enhance virtual or physical mobility

Image Electronic Commerce 15 March-17June

Improving business performance and promoting business innovation through RTD in electronic commerce applications, systems, tools and technologies

Image IT for Learning and Training in Industry 16 September-16 December

Identifying and developing IT-based tools, processes and application environments that support the ability of people in industry and other forms of organisation to learn effectively

Image Information Access and Interfaces 16 September-16 December

Promoting the development of applications, systems and appliances in support of efficient access and interfacing to information and its effective usage, sharing and management

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