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Tips on Producing a Home Page and Web Presentation for an Esprit Project

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Contents of home pages

All Esprit projects, actions, working groups and networks are strongly encouraged to maintain a Web home page with the following minimum contents:

Many projects will wish to move beyond this and develop more substantial Web server-based resources. In this case your project's home page should have links to all the computer-based artifacts created under the project contract. These would typically include:

You might also consider linking your pages to any maintained by members of your consortium.



All Web documents are created in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). There are three ways of creating HTML documents:

You may find that you need to use all these methods depending on the availability of existing documents and the type of material included. Most developers of Web resources find that the use of an HTML tool alongside a mainstream word-processing package is the most efficient method. There are also a number of validation tools available to help you check the syntax of the documents you have created. See the Resource Guide below for links to some useful pages.

Design and layout

Points to consider are:

Managing your Web presentation

How documents are designed and produced is a major issue, but how they are managed will be of equal importance in projects making substantial use of the Web. Recognising and resourcing this needs to be a clearly defined task with an appropriate allocation of time and budget. You should consider:

Resource guide

Notice: These links point to servers that, unless specifically indicated, are not under the European Commission's control. Please read the disclaimer before continuing.



Please note the disclaimer .

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The first version of this document was based on section 5.5 of "A Guide to Project Style and Documentation" produced in July 1995 for DG XIII-C3 of the European Commission ( Telematics Applications for Education and Training) by Cambridge Learning Systems Ltd (fax +44-1223-311-787), and drew on part 3 of " Research Priorities for the World-Wide Web ", the Report of the NSF Workshop sponsored by the Information, Robotics and Intelligent Systems Division held in Arlington, VA on 31 October 1994. Thanks to the following for ideas, data and feedback: Anne O'Brien, Antoine Cavaciuti, Marc Fresko, Nick Cook, Pete Jones, Peter Wintlev-Jensen, Santiago Garrido and Tony Gore.


The sites listed in this document, unless specifically indicated, are not under the control of the European Commission. For this reason, the Commission can make no representation concerning such sites to you; nor does the fact that the Commission has provided this listing serve as an endorsement or warranty by the Commission of any organisation or individual either maintaining or providing content for any of the sites listed, or of any services advertised through the medium of such a site. The Commission has not tested any software found on these sites and is not in a position to make any representation regarding the quality, safety or suitability of any software found on them or retrievable from them.

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