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Viewers allow you to read documents and images created with a particular word-processor or graphics package even if you don't have the software concerned. Many files available for downloading on the Esprit website are published in Word for Windows, Adobe Acrobat or PowerPoint formats. You may wish to read about, download and install viewers for:

Using Word 2.0 for Windows? Most of our Word documents are currently in Word 7.0. Read about and download a converter .


Some files are available in compressed form using the .zip format. PC users can read about, download and install a decompressor for either Windows or DOS . Mac users can download a decompressor and an add-in for dealing with .zip files .

Upgrades to browsers

The Esprit website is gradually being modified to take advantage of the latest features available in the Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer browsers. You may wish to upgrade to the latest versions of:

Why not check out some suggestions for improving the performance of your browser ?

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